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of Houma-Thibodaux, La. Erin Hitchcock Fogg and husband Chris welcomed their son, Isaac Cole, on Dec. 28, 2010. Also in December, Erin completed a master’s degree in business administration at Husson University. Beth Legner Hoffman and husband Aaron welcomed their first child, Chase Ryan, on Nov. 19, 2010.

Matthew Laub and Marissa Perez were married Oct. 23, 2010. Bozho Todorich was recognized with the 2011 Marian Kies Memorial Award from the American Society for Neurochemistry. This highly competitive award is presented for an outstanding graduate thesis in the field of neurochemistry. Bozho’s award-winning thesis focused on understanding iron metabolism during brain development in cells called oligodendrocytes and the role of iron in the creation of myelin, a substance that forms around nerve fibers that allows brain cells to communicate effectively with each other. Bozho identified a receptor for the protein, ferritin, which stores iron and delivers it to oligodendrocyte cells. Bozho’s research could be useful in devising iron supplementation for children with iron deficiencies and could have implications for the myelin loss that occurs in multiple sclerosis.

’05 Kyle Kopko and Christopher

Devine, The Ohio State University, published “The Vice Presidential Home State Advantage Reconsidered: Analyzing the Interactive Effect of Home State Population and Political Experience, 1884–2008” in the March 2011 edition of the journal Presidential Studies Quarterly. Amy Monfiletto Roberson and husband, Mickey, welcomed their first child, Luke Alexander, on Nov. 3, 2010. Traci Brenner Rogers and Susan Mapp published “Improving Effectiveness for Support Groups for Males with HIV/AIDS: Feedback from Leaders and Potential Participants” in the Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services. Amanda Simpson and Thomas Napier were married Oct. 9, 2010. (See photo on page 36.) Jan Tammen was promoted to senior on the ABL Consulting Services team at Dopkins and Company LLP.

Yibing Tan and Tiffany Groff ’06 were married Sept. 20, 2008. Yibing is a federal consultant with Accenture, and Tiffany is a family center manager with Catholic Charities. The couple resides in Rockville, Md. (See photo on page 36.)

A bout a year and a half ago, J.T. Liss ’07—a fourth-grade teacher in the Bronx, N.Y.—picked up a camera for the first time. Now, he’s using his unexpected talent for capturing compelling moments to benefit causes around the world.

The Elizabethtown College alumnus casts his photographic eye on some of our world’s most challenging problems. “My goal is to help create social change through my work,” he says. “Twenty-five percent of (the profits from) every photo I sell currently goes to Hear the Hungry, a nonprofit that gives a voice to the homeless in New York City.” Recently, J.T. traveled to California to offer his support to Surfers Healing, a nonprofit foundation that teaches children with autism how to surf. In addition, he’s held benefits in New Jersey and New York state to raise money for a variety of efforts, including the American Red Cross relief fund to aid those impacted by Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami.

J.T. first heard about MTV EXIT’s (End Exploitation and Trafficking) Bold Lipstick competition when Elizabethtown’s Department Chair and Associate Professor of Social Work Susan Mapp forwarded him “When Will I Feel Love,” a video that was created by the organization and the Black Iris musician collective, featuring Bethany Cosentino of the indie rock band Best Coast. The photography contest, which was launched on Valentine’s Day 2011, highlighted the plight of the millions of people who are trafficked every year and forced into a life of labor, prostitution or domestic servitude. “I saw and felt the manipulation throughout the entire video and just wished the main character was empowered enough to not fall for it,” he reflects. “From there I just kept thinking of the word, ‘mine’ … my body, my mind, my soul … but not just stating the word but screaming it with a sense of self worth.” J.T.’s image, shown below, captured third place in the international contest. “I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such an important cause. If people do not become informed and act, this will continue, and many will have the gift of life taken from them,” he says. “I feel that if art or any medium can provoke thought then change can ultimately be created.”

Follow J.T. Liss Photography on Facebook to learn more about his work.

J.T. Liss ’07: Advocating for

Change with an Unexpected Gift

J.T Liss ’07 captured third place in MTV EXIT’s Bold Lipstick competition with his photograph, “Mine” (shown above), which he hopes will empower those affected by human trafficking.

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