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Who to Lift Up?

Whether a family member, child or grandchild, E-town student, colleague, boss, friend, professor, or another special individual- the possibilities are endless as to whom you can pay tribute.

Below lists the names of our donors and their chosen tribute recipients. You may search by name as well as read the list in it's entirety.

Where to Join?

If you haven't had a chance to do so, we hope that you too will consider joining thousands of others by making a contribution to the College in the name of someone who made a difference for you.

E-town is an institution of higher learning that strives for excellence and educating our students for service to humanity. Thank you to all those listed below who have joined us in our pursuits.

For more information contact Ben Osterhout, Associate Director of the Annual Fund at            
717-361-3749 or



Tribute and Donor Listings

Search the Tribute and Donor Listings by typing names below:


Donor In memory
In honor
Charles R. Achenbach Chris Achenbach '86 In memory
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Adsitt Ms. Susan L. Adsitt In honor
To Honor a Student needing Financial Aid Ms. Judith A. Bollinger In Honor 
Les Albor Mr. Patrick W. Albor In memory
Patrick Albor Meda Hilfiger In honor
Vincent & Lynn Alessandri Angeline Alessandri '09 In honor 
Angeline Alessandri Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Alessandri In honor
Craig Anderson Dr. Brandon R. '06 & Mrs. Caroline V. '07 Fiedler In memory
Lynne M. Anderson Mr. Ross E. '64 & Mrs. Diane K. Anderson In honor
Craig Anderson '09 Mr. Ronald J. & Mrs. Mary Jane Anderson In memory
Craig Anderson '09 Mr. Luke L. Heselden In memory
Edward Appleby Mrs. Carol Hardy In memory
Robert I. Baldwin, Jr. Ms. Robin S. Baldwin In memory
Philip Beamer Ms. Amy S. Beamer In memory
David Beidleman Ms. Cynthia Janechild In honor
Larry Bekelja Ms. Amy S. Beamer In memory
Larry Bekelja Dr. Theodore E. H'11 & Ms. Betty G. H'11 Long In memory
Larry Bekelja Mr. James R. '66 & Mrs. Susan D. '66 Hilton In memory
Cornelia vonLersner Benson Holly Hardaway In honor
Dolores "Lori" Bernek (Mom) Donna Talarico-Beerman In memory
Adriana Bertolino Mr. Michael A. & Mrs. Andrea C. Bertolino In honor
Jessica M. Besecker '08 Ms. Karen Nagyiski In honor
Kenneth I Betsker Faye J Betsker In memory
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Bitkoff  Melody Bitkoff  In honor
Edgar T. Bitting Mr. Harry E. Moore In memory
Doris K. Bitting Randolph Trostle In honor
Dr. Terry W. Blue Mrs. Amy M. Saporetti In honor
David C. Boretti Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Boretti In honor
Daniel J. '01 and Kara M. '01 Borneman Mr. & Mrs. James P. Borneman In honor
Irv Bossler Ernest and Judith Blaisdell In memory
Dr. Thomas J. Bowersox   Elaine A. Bowersox In honor 
Hannah Bowman Mr. Donald F. Crumbling In honor
Jon M. Bowser Dr. & Mrs. John D. Bowser In honor
Carla Eigenbrode Brandenberger '68 Dr. Dane A. Brandenberger In memory
Samuel Yongsuk Bricker Mr. Wesley R. Bricker '00 & Ms. Cindy Oh In honor
Madison Brown Mr. & Mrs. David Brown In honor
John Clifton Brown Transparency Matters, LLC In memory
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bard Brubaker Jame Brubaker In memory
Edward Brunner-for Basketball program Ms. Barbara J. Brunner In memory
Laurence E. Brydia '59 Mrs. Alice G. Brydia In memory
David Connor Burdge Mr. & Mrs. Christopher R. Burdge In honor
John F. Buyer Mrs. Jodi L. Musser In memory
Arthur L. Calnon Kathy C. Schwab In memory
William J. Carmint Mrs. Holly C. Dender In memory
Elizabeth D. Carras '13 Robert A. Black, Jr. '68 In honor 
Violet Irene Cassel '33 Dr. Philip C. Swarr In memory
Chemistry & Bio Chemistry Departments Mrs. Geraldine R. & Mr. George Wolverton In honor
Brian Cheney Mrs. Patricia C. Cheney In memory
Charles Brian Cheney Mr. & Mrs. Craig M. Kuraska In memory
Kathryn Claffey Mr. & Mrs. Shawn J. Claffey In honor
Mark A Clapper '96 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Clapper In honor
Class of 2003 Kathryn Thomas '03 In honor
In Memory of Classmates from Class of '59 Mrs. Yvonne Jugan In Honor 
Classmates from Class of '59 Mrs. Yvonne Jugan In memory
Class of 1978  35th Reunion Mr. Mark F. '79 & Mrs. Dorothy P. '78 Koernig In honor
the Class 1968 The Hall Foundation In honor
the Class of 1968 Mr. Joel O. '68 & Mrs. Gerry B. '68 Sechrist In honor
the Class of 2014 Mrs. Janet L. Fasnacht In honor
Gene Clemens Mr. Brian C. Albrecht, Jr. '04 In honor
Gene Clemens Jeffrey R Mullen In honor 
Gene Clemens Ms. Mary Ann Kiser In honor
Gene Clemens Dr. Jay D. '91 & Mrs. Annette C. '89 Varrato In honor
Francis L. Confer-for Men's Soccer Mrs. Rebecca A. Confer In memory
Ernest and Annette Cooper, mother and father Mrs. Geraldine C. Hava In memory
Frankie Copeland Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Rebecca L. Copeland In honor
Schwab Char.-Bruce Copeland Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving In memory
Sel Copeland Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Rebecca L. Copeland In memory
Jamie Hudzik Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. James B. Hudzik In honor
Ashley Marie Cox '16 Stanford F Cox '51 In honor 
Paul Cramer and Admission Staff Jeremy Ebersole In Honor
Dr. Richard Crocker Dr. John H. Leaman II '95 & Ms. Elizabeth Barley In honor
Calvin and Elanor Dager Mrs. Lynne Cronyn In memory
William Davenport Ashley Miller '04 In memory
Deborah T. Davis '70 Ms. Robin S. Baldwin In memory
Kurt DeGoede Mr. David and Mrs. Betty Ferruzza In honor
Kurt DeGoede Lancaster County Community Foundation In honor
Shirley Deichert Ms. Yvonne E. Kauffman In memory
David Dentler Maurice Rapp '09  In honor 
The Chemistry and Biology Departments Ms. Margaret H. Kench In honor
Tom Derstine Mr. James S. '70 & Mrs. Elizabeth Clemens In memory
Theresa and Frederick deRuyter Ms. Carol A. deRuyter In memory
Chelsea Destefano '14 Dennis and Ellen Destefano  In honor
Shirley Deichert Diana Robinson In memory
Alexander Diegel Ms. Sherri Kimmel In honor
Marcus and Mayme Diehl Rev. William A. II '53 & Mrs. Shirley E. '54 Ellsworth In memory
Elizabeth Doebler Mrs. Janet O. Melton In memory
Bob and Sue Dolan Mr. Robert E. '88 & Mrs. Dana L. '90 Little In honor
Charles D. Dusheck, Jr. Mrs. Cynthia A. Wei In memory
Dr. J. Thomas Dwyer Mrs. Alberta B. Ericson In memory
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Ebersole Mr. Jeffrey H. '77 and Mrs. Beth A. '79 Ebersole P'05 P'09 In honor
Mark Ebersole Dr. W. Wesley McDonald & Ms. Alice Baumgart In memory
the Education Department Ms. Angela M. Cairns In honor
Elizabethtown College Education Dept. Ms. Jessica R. Miller In honor
Ashley Edwards Harry Edwards In honor
Samantha Eisdorfer Mawxell Eisdorfer In honor
Rhoda Eisdorfer Mawxell Eisdorfer In memory
Matthew Ellis Mr. Jonathan A. Flood In memory
Rev. William Ellsworth William and Shirley Ellsworth In honor
Ashley and Emma starting preschool! Ms. Jenna L. Mattox In Honor 
Veronica Endrizzi Mr. & Mrs. Gregory W. Gutekunst In memory
John H. Engle '36 John E. Engle In memory
Esther Evans Benjamin Greenawalt In memory
Hugh "Gerry" Evans Mr. Joseph T. & Mrs. Anna Molony In honor
Professor H.G. Evans Robert and Karen Reale In honor
Alison Evans Mr. and Mrs. David Ressler In honor
Robert Evans Mr. and Mrs. Daivd Ressler In honor
Christine Everett Jennifer Zielinski In memory
Monique Fairell Mr. Dajone B. Fairell In honor
G. N. Falkenstein Rev. Donald E. '60 & Rev. Marie A. '57 Willoughby In memory
Al Gibson Family Albert and Susan Gibson In honor
Adam Moore and Kyle Farkas Mr. Colin P. Lynch In honor
Liz Felcone Mr. Michael Felcone & Ms. Jane Curran In honor
Jessica Feldmiller Paula Funciello Fish In honor
Jared Fellenbaum Mildred Hoffman In honor
Ronald L. Felty '71 Mr. Daniel P. Miller In memory
Professor Kurt DeGoede Mr. David & Mrs. Betty Ferruzza In honor
David Ferruzza Oscar Shutt In honor
John and Ethel Flack Mrs. Susan D. Spadafore In honor
Taylor Flamand Roger and Beverly Flamand In honor
Allysa Frankenfield Patricia Osmun In honor
Kelsey Patricia Osmun In honor
Irwin and Naomi Frantz Mrs. Dorothy A. Dix In memory
Samantha Freas Mr. Walter B. & Mrs. Virginia Freas, Jr. In honor
Robert Freedman Mr. Matthew G. Freedman In honor
H. Jere Frey Jay R. Frey In honor 
Kyle Gable Marilyn Gable In honor
Julie Gabler '97 Mrs. Joanne J. Morris In honor
Barbara Gailant Ms. Anne G. Freeland In memory
John Michael Garbellano Mr. & Mrs. John A. Garbellano In honor
Henry M. Garber Ms. Margaret Garber In memory
Jerry Garland '59 Mrs. Jennie W. '96 & Mr. W. Kent Barnds In Honor 
Robert Garrett '49 Mrs. Jennie W. '96 & Mr. W. Kent Barnds In memory
Dillon A. Gaul Ms. Judith M. Gaul In honor
Bruce and Vickie Godshall Mrs. Jennifer L. Pacelli In honor
Allison Gorman-Young '83 Miss Beverly K. Sollenberger In memory
Paul Gottfried Dr. W. Wesley McDonald & Ms. Alice Baumgart In honor
James A. Gould '91 and Brenda Gould Mrs. Amy E. Gould In honor
Wilbur J. Graham Mrs. Betty C. Graham In memory
Kathy, Eddie, Louis and Grandkids Mr. Salvatore L. '57 & Mrs. Kathryn G. '56 Paone In Honor 
Grandparents Mrs. Tracy C.G. Jacobs In memory
Joyce H. Greenawalt Mr. David C. & Mrs. Renie Beidleman In memory
William G. Greenly Ruth G. Prattis In Honor
Paul Greiner Jay Frey In memory
Ashley Marro Grossman Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Marro In honor
Dillon A. Gaul Ms. Judith M. Gaul In honor
Michael Guinivan Stephen Fowler In honor
Joseph G. Habeck '67 John L. Habecker '67  In memory
Frederick Habicht, Sr. Mrs. Yetive Hull Habicht In honor
Geoff and Martha Halberstadt Mr. Jason Halberstadt In honor
Glenn E. Hamm, DDS '53 Mrs. Joyce M. Hamme In memory
Lisa Zimmerman Harner Joanne and Lawrence Hoffman In honor
Arielle Harris '13 Harvey and Mona Kirschner In honor
Brandon Harris Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris In honor
Christopher Hartman Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Hartman In Honor 
Barbara Layton Harttraft '76 Mrs. Heather Harttraft Donovan In memory
Barbara Layton Harttraft '76 Mrs. Susan B. '76 & Mr. James O'Neil In memory
Evan Hathaway '15 Jack and Trudi Hathaway In honor
Thomas Haughey Mr. and Mrs. William T. Haughey In honor
Jane Hawley Barbara Hawley In honor
Jacob and Lauretta Hynicker Jean Hynicker In memory
George and AnnaBelle Heintzelma George Heintzelman In memory
Olivia Heldmann Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Heldmann In honor
Sara Heldmann Mr. and Mrs. Brice Heldmann In honor
Christine Helmandollar Mr. Arthur Weisfeld & Dr. Virginia Brabender In honor
Katy D. Herb, Granddaughter William K. Gordon P'98 In memory
Lois Herr Mr. Thomas D. Stouffer In honor
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robert Herron, Sr. Dr. Franklin R. '74 & Mrs. Susan N. '75 Herron In memory
Carroll Hershey Alvin and Deborah Hershey In honor
Dr. Jacob E. Hershman Mr. A. James Bomberger In memory
Allegra Hess Mrs. Anna Coleman Rodichok In honor
Brian D. Hess Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Hess In honor
Leon High Mildred Hoffman In memory
Dean Jim Hilton Mr. Brian R. Sipe In Honor 
Colette N. Hinton Mr. Marlin L. '66 & Mrs. Lois Bupp In honor
Jim Hoffman Mildred Hoffman In memory
Walker and Joan Hoffman Kristin Machler In memory
Jamey Hogarth '17 Mr. Scott C. & Mrs. Lori J. Hogarth In honor
Larry Hollingshead Mrs. Sue M. Docherty In memory
John Hollister Mary Goodenow In honor
William Horst Mary Horst In memory
Dr. Vida S. Huber Mr. Harold E. Huber In memory
Jane L. Hawley '84 Mrs. Barbara S. Hawley In honor
In Honor Alyssa Irish Mr. John M. & Mrs. Yvonne L. Irish In honor
Thoman and Jane Irwin Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schonour In memory
Robert Ittleson Paulin Ittleson In memory
In Honor Kevin R. Jacoby '82 Mr. Jeffery T. '85 & Mrs. Katherine Jacoby In honor
Joseph W. Jones and Lous B. Jones Mr. Gregory B. and Mrs. Joyce Jones In honor
Francis and Dominic Juliano Mr. Stephen M. Juliano In honor
Francis and Dominic Juliano Mr. Kevin J. Smith In honor
Alanna L. Justice Mr. & Mrs. Earl R. Justice In honor
Carol and Earl Justice Alanna Justice In honor
Andrea Karns '04 Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Karns In honor
Eugene Kearns Mr. Donald E. & Mrs. Rose A. Sullivan In memory
Michael Kearns '80 Mr. Donald E. & Mrs. Rose A. Sullivan In memory
Michael P. Kearns '80 Mrs. Mary Kearns In memory
Mary Ann Keesey Richard Keesy In memory
Pap (Ken) Leona Markley  
William F. Kenney '17 Mr. William F. & Mrs. Karen M. Kenney, Jr. In honor
Terry and Dorothy Kessler Mrs. Michelle D. Rushanan In honor
David Khanlian '96 Jonathan Khanlian '02 Mr. Jonathan D. Khanlian In honor
James E. Kipp Mr. Jay '56 & Rev. Judith '67 Gibble In memory
Fern E. Kleinstuber Ms. Ellen L. Kleinstuber In memory
Matthew Klempa Mr. & Mrs. John F. Klempa In honor
Krista Klukan Ms. Stacy E. Klukan In honor
Professor Donald B. Kraybill Ms. Katharine E. Kellogg-Williams In honor
Donald B. Kraybill Mr. Robert L. '76 & Mrs. Lynn Fogle In honor
Robin Kreiser Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Marge Crum In Honor
Matthew Kuraska Mrs. Patricia C. Cheney In honor
Matthew Kuraska Mr. & Mrs. Craig M. Kuraska In honor
Sister Rebecca La Point Debbie Peterson In honor 
Rob Langdale '77 Dr. Gerard D. Brown In memory
Ellen Lapkiewicz Mr. Robert S. & Mrs. Colleen Lapkiewicz In honor
Rebecca LaPoint Mrs. Debra A. & Mr. Brad Peterson In honor
In Honor Dr. David I. Lasky Ms. Theresa R. Forrest In honor
Ed Lee   Select Equity Group Foundation In memory
Michaela Lehane Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lehane In honor
Roy and Maretha Lehman Dallas D. Lehman In memory
Jodi Lewis Ms. Patricia B Jackson In honor 
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lewis Mr. Jonathan R. Lewis In honor
Robert & Carmelita Lewis Dr. Deborah A. Lewis In honor
Alvin R. and Helen R. Linebar (parents) Beth J. Rudy In memory
Erin K. M. Long '97 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Murphy In honor
Dr. Henry E. Long Mr. Robert S. '74 & Mrs. Carol Bitner In honor
Nicole Lorber Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Margaret Lorber In honor
Nicole Lorber Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Lorber In honor
Dorothy Lyet Dr. Theodore E. H'11 & Ms. Betty G. H'11 Long In memory
Jennifer Malik '13 & Andrew Malik '14 Mr. George & Mrs. Theresa Malik In honor
Carl and Dorcas Mann Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Rebecca L. Copeland In memory
Thomas Marino Mr. Martin A. & Mrs. Deborah A. Marino In honor
W. Donald Martin Mrs. Eileen B. Martin In memory
Todd E. Martin Mr. James W. '67 & Mrs. Bonnie S. Martin In memory
Anthony Matteo Mr. Daniel Penaloza In honor
Amanda K. McCaffrey '14 Mrs. Kristin B. '88 & Mr. Lance McCaffrey In honor
Walter F. McCarty Mrs. Lorraine M. Hutchinson In memory
John A. McDonald Ms. Jacqueline R. Nunn In memory
Edgar Meibohm Mrs. Emily M. Woltmann In memory
Jean Meibohm Mrs. Emily M. Woltmann In honor
Samuel Meizen Mr. Joseph S. Meizen In memory
James F. Melton, J r. Mrs. Janet O. Melton In memory
Social Work Schol.-Melissa Menet '98 Henry Janssen Foundation In honor
Lauren Merroth Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Merroth In honor
Sandy Metzler Ms. Emily E. Smith In honor
John and Bethany Miller Ms. Audrey N. Miller In honor
Robert G. Miller Mrs. Joyce A. Miller In memory
Robert W. and Susan Cupit Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Williard W. Cupit, Jr. In honor
Jacob Daniel Montanez Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Cluggish In honor
Gladys Hixon Montgomery Mrs. Shirley A. Deimler In honor
Chris Morris '91 Mrs. Joanne J. Morris In honor
Robert Morton Mrs. Diane J. Solan In memory
Emily Mountain Mr. & Mrs. Brian L. Mountain In honor
In Honor Dr. Richard L. Mumford Rev. Dr. Gene R. '69 & Mrs. Brenda L. '70 Stuckey In honor
Anne V. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Alfred W. Murray In honor
Liza Martinelli Murray '02 Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Martinelli In honor
Charles and Edith Ness Mrs. Donna L. Freeland In memory
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newlin Dr. Franklin R. '74 & Mrs. Susan N. '75 Herron In memory
Stanley and Elizabeth Neyer Lancaster County Community Foundation In memory
Stanley and Elizabeth Neyer Ms. Kathryn M. Neyer In memory
Matthew Nikoloff Mr. and Mrs. Rand P. Nikoloff In honor
Eric Nussey Richard and Linda Nussey In honor
Stanley Nyer Mark G. Brubaker, CPA In memory
Alyssa Ann Paranto Mr. & Mrs. Russell Shiveler In honor
Parents  Fr. David L. Danneker In memory
Parents Ms. Jennifer Ann Moore In honor
Dana Parrish Dr. & Mrs. Walter Del Gaudio In memory
Riley and Mildred Patrick Kenneth and Donna Patrick In memory
Erika Lynn Pedersen Mr. & Mrs. Peder E. Pedersen In honor
Marla Peiffer Mr. and Mrs. Scott Peiffer In honor
Dr. Pepper Dr. Judith L. Van Houten In memory
Nicole Thomas Peters Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery E. Thomas In honor
Dr. and Mrs. Spencer Phillips Mrs. Barbara K. Valavanes In honor
Dr. Frank Polanowski Mrs. Jennie W. '96 & Mr. W. Kent Barnds In Honor 
H. Marshal Pomroy Mark G Brubaker  CPA In honor 
Joanne Potter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Potter In honor
David Presti Mrs. Nancy P. Patrick In memory
Dalton Reapsome Mr. & Mrs. Jed A. Reapsome In honor
Christopher L. Reed Mr. Grant Gegwich and Ms. Elizabeth Romain In memory
Bruce Refsnyder Mrs. Ann R. Dean In memory
Carolyn Rhoads George Rhoads In memory
Kathryn McC. Rhyne '95 & David,Julia,Madeleine Mrs. Barbara H. McCluskey In honor
Rev. Jillian Riddle Elizabeth Phillips In honor
Joseph H Rider (great uncle) Barbara A Murphy In memory
Sharan Rinehart Ms. Sally A. Kaltreider In Honor 
R Daniel Robinson Mrs. JoAnn R. Brooks In memory
Dan Robinson '68 Mr. Gary R. '68 & Mrs. Suzette M. '71 Johnson In memory
Woody Rothenberger Mrs. Nancy P. Patrick In memory
In Honor Jill Bowser Sarnee Dr. & Mrs. John D. Bowser In honor
Mary F. Sarver Mrs. Jodi L. Musser In memory
Jeanne M. Saylor Mr. Richard C. '90 & Mrs. Anne M. '97 Saylor In honor
Shirley A. Deichert '66-Supp of Schol Dr. Theodore E. H'11 & Ms. Betty G. H'11 Long In memory
Woodrow & Carolyn Schonour Douglas & Alice Irwin Schonour In memory
In Memory Reba Sebelist, OTR Mrs. Teresa A. Winder In memory
In Memory Frederick O. Seltzer '63 Mrs. Linda S. Seltzer In memory
Tom Semanek III '09 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Semanek, Jr. In honor
Michael Sevareid Jay Miffoluf and Lori Myers In memory
Michael Sevareid Randolph Trostle In memory
Michael Sevareid Coleen and Justin Covington In memory
Michael Sevareid H Andrew and Deborah Sagar In memory
Michael Sevareid Victoria M Sedicum In memory
Michael Sevareid Heather O'Toole In memory
Michael Sevareid H Marshall and Marilyn Pomroy In memory
Michael Sevareid Mr. H. Marshall '59 & Mrs. Marilyn K. '59 Pomroy In memory
Michael Sevareid Mrs. Victoria M. Sedicum In memory
Michael Sevareid Dr. Richard R. Crocker In memory
Michael Sevareid Mrs. Leanna L. '01 & Mr. William G. Meiser III In memory
Michael Sevareid Mr. Jeremy & Mrs. Amanda Sevareid In memory
Michael Sevareid-From Donegal Democrats Ms. Mary Gildea In memory
 Michael Sevareid Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. In memory
Michael Sevareid Mr. James R. '66 & Mrs. Susan D. '66 Hilton In memory
Michael Sevareid Ms. Kelly L. Jackson In memory
Michael Sevareid Ms. Carol D. Gentry In memory
Michael Sevareid Dr. W. Wesley McDonald & Ms. Alice Baumgart In memory
Jane Sheetz '49 Mrs. LaRue M. Helm In memory
Jane (Hernly) Sheetz '49 Mr. Daniel P. Miller In memory
F. Paul Shenk The Shenk Family Foundation In memory
Paula Skolnik Mr. Martin J. & Mrs. Kay Skolnik In honor
Heather Slifko Ms. Claire Slifko In honor
Mallory Slusser '15 Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Slusser In honor
Ed Small Mr. Milton and Edith McFalls In memory
Julie L. Smith  Ted and Glenda Meckley In honor 
Charlie Smith Ms. Catherine Bate-Smith In memory
Elsie and Bill Smith Mrs. Barbara J. Pearce In memory
Coach Donald Smith Robert Geiger In honor
Victoria Snyder Mr. & Mrs. David L. Snyder In honor
Carl Spence Mrs. Colleen T. Spence In memory
James Speros Spencer Speros In memory
Elizabeth A. Spina Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Spina In honor
E-Tn College Dining Services Staff Mr. David R. & Mrs. Diane F. Salmon In honor
John Starzer Mr. Richard A. '72 & Mrs. Patricia L. '72 Grant In memory
Benjamin Steinberg '15 Mrs. Grace T. Lefever In honor
Benjamin Steinberg Mr. Michael B. & Mrs. Judith N. Steinberg In honor
Dr. Richard Stone Mrs. Krista K. Hazen In honor
Ekron and Ellen Stover Mr. Warren W. '65 & Mrs. Linda A. '64 White In memory
Stephanie Strauss Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Strauss In honor
Joseph Surivilla Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. Russell In memory
Wendell Henry Sweitzer Beth Sweitzer-Riley In memory
Mark and Arlene Swinehart Dr. Janet L. '68 & Dr. Gary S. Stein In memory
Paul F. Taschner Mrs. Teri A. Rooney In memory
IT/Technology Meda Hiliger In honor
Corey M. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery E. Thomas In honor
Masha Tomkus Joseph and Rosemary Tomkus In honor
Michael P. Torre '10 Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan Torre P'10 In Honor
Katherine Tripp Mr. Ronald V. & Mrs. Debra Tripp In honor
Dr. Randy Trostle '69 Mrs. Jennie W. '96 & Mr. W. Kent Barnds In Honor 
Randy Trostle Mr. J. Ralph '67 & Mrs. Tana L. '69 Parrett In honor
Jared Trotti Mr. & Mrs. David Lisk In memory
Lauren W. Tustin Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tustin, Jr. In honor
Rebecca VanAken Dale and Deborah In honor
All Veterans who graduated from Elizabethtown College Mr. H. James Hulton III In honor
Megan Brooks Vonada '08 Mrs. Caitlin E. Terry In memory
June Warfel Ms. Melissa L. Warfel In honor
Jesse Waters Mr. David & Mrs. Betty Ferruzza In honor
Jesse Waters Lancaster County Community Foundation In honor
Paul E. Weaver '68 Mrs. Amanda K. Meiler In honor
Verna M. Wetzel Melissa Blasick In Honor
Lois Ann Whitacre '56 Reverend Daniel J. Whitacre In memory
Reverend Alan L. Whitacre Mr. Christopher J. '82 & Mrs. Beth W. '82 Knauer In memory
Dallas E. Will Mrs. Linda Will In memory
Rachel Jones-Williams '06 Ms. Sarah A. Blackford In memory
Rachel Williams Dr. Brandon R. '06 & Mrs. Caroline V. '07 Fiedler In memory
Rachel Jones Williams Ms. Laura R. Beckenstein In memory
Rachel Jones Williams Ms. Bryna O'Sullivan In memory
Rachel Jones Williams Ms. Tina Rawhouser Vojar In memory
Rachel Jones Williams '06 Dr. Patricia L. Ricci In memory
Rachel Jones Williams Dr. Vivian and Mr. Norman R. Bergel In memory
Rachel Jones Williams Ms. Diana Robinson In memory
Ross Withrow Ms. Joan S. Greenfield In Honor 
John W. Wolf '56 Susan D. Wolf In memory
Glenn and Carol Worley Mrs. Marcia L. Sewell In Honor 
Assoc. Prof. Joseph Wunderlich Mr. David & Mrs. Betty Ferruzza In honor
Assoc. Prof. Joseph Wunderlich Lancaster County Community Foundation In honor
Desiree' Yeager Mr. Michael A. & Mrs. Donnamarie Yeager In honor
James L. M. Yingst Mr. Edwin D. Sieber, Jr. In memory
Dr. Joseph Zaccano Mrs. Lucinda E. Guyler In memory
Dr. Carl W. Zeigler Mr. Stanley J. Kerlin In memory
Jesse Ziegler, 1st Chair Brd of Trustees Mr. Barton J. '73 & Mrs. Kathie J. '76 Ziegler In memory
Earl and Vivian Ziegler Mrs. Karen L. Ungemach In honor
Paul Ziegler Mrs. Debra Ziegler In memory
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About Elizabethtown College

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Financial Aid

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