Exchange 2010 Help Page

You're on this page likely because you're having trouble accessing your email.  We apologize for that.  Email is a vital part of your work with Elizabethtown College.  We strive to have it available to you 24/7.  If the information on this page does not help you with your issue, please call our helpdesk at 717-361-3333.


  • If you receive a server error, which look like the following:404_Error 403 Error
  • Please check your shortcut.  You can no longer use a link that includes "/exchange" in the URL
  • Please connect to, or more directly to

MOBILE DEVICES (and some Mac's):

  • For most mobile devices changing the server setting from to will allow your mail application to retrieve messages.
  • However, some mobile devices (and on some Mac's), we've seen that manually changing the setting has no effect.
  • Instead of modifying the existing account, you should remove and recreate the mail account on these devices.