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Cutover Safety Protocol

Residence Hall Lines

As part of the phone migration, courtesy phones are being installed in the common areas of all residence halls.  These phones will be connected to the new phone system prior to the cutover date and will remain active throughout the cutover weekend.  These phones can call any campus extension.  In the event of an emergency, a call should be placed to campus security at x1111.

Blue Light and Elevator Phones

The Blue Light Phones located throughout the campus will also be connected to the new phone system prior to the cutover weekend, and will remain active throughout the weekend.  When picked up, these phones automatically dial campus security.

Campus Security

The Campus Security extensions will be the last numbers disconnected from the old phone system and the first connected to the new system.  The anticipated downtime for these phones is only a few seconds on the morning of Saturday, August 4th.

Special Events & Summer Programs

A number of guests will be on campus as part of the SESP summer schedule.  Like security, SESP will be equipped with phones on both the new and old phone systems.  Once the Campus Security numbers are confirmed operational, the SESP phone numbers will be connected.  Guests should continue to contact the SESP office at x1418.  The anticipated down time for the SESP phones is a few minutes on the morning of Saturday, August 4th.

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About Elizabethtown College

About Elizabethtown College

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Financial Aid

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