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Work, Volunteer and Internship Opps

There are countless opportunities to work, intern or serve overseas. Below, we've listed a collected of resources and listings which will help you search for the international opportunity that is right for you.

Global Citizenship:

 a study abroad provider that specializes in full immersion experiences which include a service component and a global citizenship curriculum

through service, travel, community and cultural exchange, students receive a unique and personal insight into themselves and the cultures they live within while also giving back through service in every country they travel

a program that provides youth (ages 14-30) from a wide range of ethnic, national, economic and religious backgrounds with opportunities to enhance their ability to take action on pressing human rights issues

General Information:

   a collection of anecdotes, tips and tricks to get you prepared to travel

  a useful document containing a list of jobs abroad 

   a website that focuses on providing information on how to apply for international internships as well as a list of reliable and available opportunities

   a site that compiles a list of resources for those living and/or working abroad; includes links to work and teaching opportunities

   a compilation of international work and volunteer listings as well as information about immigration, work visas and the peace corps

   a blog that details the travel exploits of educators working in other countries

  an internet directory of over 2000 high-quality English-language sources of information and analysis in a wide range of international affairs, international studies, and international relations topics

Work and Internship Opportunities

   a company that provides the opportunity for students to work or volunteer abroad in over 40 different countries through AIESEC's global communities network

   a program that focuses on Australia and runs several programs including work & travel, au pair, volunteering and internship opportunities

  a program that provides educational and professional exchange experiences that enhance cultural awareness, develop global competencies, mutual understanding, and international cooperation.

   a website that offers opportunities ranging from camp counseling programs, flexible work and travel programs in Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand and volunteering/teaching placements in Africa, South and Central America, South East Asia and China

    an internationally recognized organization with over 15 programs that recruits from over 60 countries and has placed over 200,000 young adults in hundreds of summer camps and seasonal employers across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Europe, Brazil, and Russia

    a program that offers a diverse portfolio of exchange programs, professional work internships, study tours, seminars, and language and cultural training programs designed to prepare individuals and corporations for a globally interconnected society

   an abroad program that offers both credit-bearing programs for those looking for University credit, as well as Spanish immersion and volunteer programs for students

   students take part in internships, volunteering, and related work experience in South Africa, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Spain, Singapore, France, Ireland, Thailand, Brazil, and Korea. Fields of activity include engineering, marketing, business, law, teaching English (and other languages) abroad, transportation/logistics, theme/amusement park (Paris, FR), journalism/media, hotel/hospitality, architecture, event management, finance, etc

  a career guide focusing on Europe, that compiles informative articles and job listings for recent graduates 

  whether you want to teach, rescue wild animals, work on conservation efforts or assist in community projects, all GeoVisions programs are rich with opportunity to learn about another country and it's people. When the program ends, you can use your location as a base for further travel in the region

   a program that offers customized internship programs to students and recent graduates that are tailored to meet the students time limitations, career planning, country of interest and relevant skill sets

   a list of the short term and summer term study abroad opportunities provided by IEP

   a program that offers customized volunteer programs to students, recent graduates, and individuals from all academic backgrounds and levels of experience that are based on the country location, length of stay, and desired project type of the applicant

   a non-profit organization devoted to promoting cross-cultural awareness through work and volunteer exchange programs that provide a unique answer for businesses, organizations, summer camps, and families in need of staff, interns, volunteers, camp counselors and au pairs

   a database of international internship opportunities was well as information on working, studying and living abroad

  a program that provides American college and university students with the unique opportunity to gain practical work experience abroad by arranging for students to travel to Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America to work as paid interns of the summer in an array of employment fields including retail sales, hospitals, banking, education and engineering

  a program that provides university level students of all nationalities an opportunity to gain work experience abroad by undertaking an internship in a foreign country. They are dedicated to finding you an internship that will not only compliment the knowledge you have acquired thus far in your chosen field, but that will give you a global perspective as you seek a competitive edge in achieving your career goals.

   a not-for-profit educational organization serving students, colleges, universities, service agencies, and related organizations around the world by fostering programs that link volunteer service to the community and academic study by offering 13 undergraduate service-learning programs in 11 nations

   a search engine that lists job opportunities abroad as well as offering articles and tips about living overseas

   a website that contains comprehensive guides detailing what it is like to work in different countries and the similarities and differences between them

   a website with a large list of international internship opportunities

   a program based in Ireland that allows students to work and travel throughout the country during the summer months

Service Learning and Volunteering Opportunities

  for domestic service and volunteer opportunities on campus, visit the Office of Civic Engagement

   an international non-governmental organization that is a European platform of non-profit organisations offering opportunities for long-term full-time international and/or national voluntary service and a representative and liaising body for its members in dealing with the European Commission, the European Parliament and other EU institutions and Brussels based organisations in general and particularly with regards to support for long-term voluntary service programmes

   an interactive site where people and organizations can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives

   an association of non-governmental organizations involved in international volunteer work and internship exchanges

   the Peace Corps main website, listing all of their volunteer opportunities and giving a more detailed description of what the Corps does

   a database of websites that focus on volunteer opportunities overseas

   a program that works toward a more peaceful world through the promotion of International Voluntary Service (IVS) projects and the exchange of volunteers with projects that provide intercultural education through community service

   a program whose purpose is to help alleviate conditions of poverty and promote peace and prosperity through economic development partnerships and service around the world

Teaching Opportunities

   a program that specializes in providing teaching opportunities in China

   offers a selection of training locations that is unparalleled in the industry, meaning that students train and work in the country of their choice. The on-site IDELT™, CELTA, and TEFL courses are offered in more than 20 great locations across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the US as well as online

   full-time volunteers participate in one of eight programs and spend between ten weeks and ten months as English language teaching assistants. Volunteers are partnered with a Chilean English teacher and spend about 25 hours a week assisting him or her with their classes and spend an additional 10 hours each week leading an extracurricular activity. Additionally, during their stay in Chile, volunteers live with a host family, allowing them to become fully integrated in the community, learn Spanish, and facilitate cross cultural exchange.

   CIEE Teach Abroad programs provide: A salaried teach placement, a fun and informational in-country orientation, classes on TEFL theory and teaching methodology, travel and medical insurance, knowledgeable staff offering pre-departure and emergency support, visa application advice, housing at the beginning of your stay (housing included for full term in Thailand and China), and 5% alumni discount for former CIEE Study Abroad participants

   CCS volunteers only work with sustainable community initiatives. Volunteers are matched to their immediate needs through a placement process, ensuring that the work is both timely and relevant. CCS in-country staff maintain strong relationships with these partner organizations year-round, and survey them each year to confirm that the volunteers are furthering their goals.

   DoDEA's schools serve the children of military service members and Department of Defense civilian employees throughout the world. Children of enlisted military personnel represent 85 percent of the total enrollment in DoDEA schools. Today, DoDEA operates 192 public schools in 14 districts located in 12 foreign countries, seven states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

   become a global educator through the Educators Abroad worldwide network of education professionals.

   through EPIK, English language education will cultivate open-minded and well-rounded Korean individuals capable of advancing Korea in this age of information and globalization. In doing so, EPIK will promote cultural exchange and foster strong ties between Korea and other countries. EPIK further extends invitations to responsible, enthusiastic native English speakers who are motivated to share knowledge with students and teachers.

   an international job listing for people looking to teach in a foreign country

   a listing of international teaching jobs as well as information on how to obtain visas and teaching certificates

   English Teaching Assistant-ships (ETA) are offered in many countries worldwide. Each ETA Program is designed by the host country, and individual elements may vary by country. In most cases, ETAs: are placed in schools or universities outside of capital cities, are assigned various activities designed to improve their students' language abilities and knowledge of the United States, are fully integrated into the host community, increasing their own language skills and knowledge of the host country and may pursue individual study/research plans in addition to ETA responsibilities

   offers students from around the world their choice of outstanding placements with host schools in a wide variety of countries. University course credit is granted upon completion of program requirements.

   a nonprofit corporation dedicated to excellence for children attending overseas schools worldwide; ISS is the world's leader in providing a comprehensive range of quality educational services for schools, educators, families and corporations

   a program that seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other nations by providing job placement for people willing to teach English in Japan

   JET Program participants come to Japan as one of the following positions: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) or Sports Exchange Adviser (SEA). All participants, regardless of their title, are there for the same reason: to interact with local communities to promote internationalization at the local level.

   a program run my the Spanish Ministry of Education to bring English speaking teachers into the country to educate at the primary, secondary and high school levels.

   if you have a bachelor's degree and would like to participate in the adventure of a life time, you may want to consider applying for a teaching position in China through Marshall University's Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program (AATC). The Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program has established relationships with numerous universities and K-12 schools in the People's Republic of China who regularly host AATC participants to come and teach English as a foreign language. These one and two-year teaching positions usually begin in late August or February.

   NETs are required to teach English as a second language to Chinese students and assist in teacher and curriculum development in Government and Government-subvented secondary schools (for students aged between 12 and 17) and schools for students with special educational needs.

   the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Overseas Placement Service for Educators, a program area of UNI Career Services, connects international K-12 schools with certified educators year round. Services offered include the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair, credential and referral services, and related publications. UNI is home to the original international fair for educators.

   Education Volunteers introduce innovative teaching methodologies, encourage critical thinking in the classroom, and integrate issues like health education and environmental awareness into English, math, science, and other subjects.

   ProWorld’s largest project area is social and economic development. Volunteers will have the opportunity to fight for children's rights or run summer camps in Belize, work in schools or foster micro-businesses in Peru, improve literacy or protect women’s rights in Mexico, support homeless shelters in India, and support social programs to advance minority groups in Thailand.

   sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and affiliated with the National Institute for International Education(NIIED), the TaLK program offers a wonderful and rewarding opportunity for students from English-speaking countries. Participating students will be given the prospect to explore the rich, vibrant culture and dynamism of Korea, while at the same time offering their knowledge of English to Korean provincial areas where exposure to the English language is not taken for granted.

   a search engine for teaching jobs overseas

   offers volunteers the opportunity to work in France for 7 to 9 months, teaching English to French students of all ages. Each year, nearly 1,500 American citizens and permanent residents teach in public schools across all regions of metropolitan France and in the overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion.

  TEFL offers courses and jobs abroad

   a website listing teaching jobs in Asia as well as information about teaching abroad

   a program focused on developing and maintaining professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide by providing English as a Second Language teaching opportunities

   a database of international teaching positions and resources, including a Teach in Rome program offered by the University of Florida

   a program that creates and implements high quality, targeted English language programs in specific regions and countries of the world; all programs are administered through the local American Embassy or Consulate

   World Camp, Inc. is a non-profit organization committed to empowering children in impoverished communities around the world through education. Since 2000, World Camp has worked in rural schools and street shelters in several countries teaching children about challenging issues that affect their future and communities and currently offers volunteer programs in Malawi of Africa, Tela of Honduras and Ahmedabad of India.

   share the skills and knowledge gained through your education and life experience with students who have not had the same advantages and make a concrete and lasting difference in their lives. Gain cultural understanding and the ability to work independently in a new environment.

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