What does Diversity look like at Elizabethtown College?

Diversity at Elizabethtown College is an ongoing development. Student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators work very closely to determine where diversity efforts can be strengthened. We work very closely with our athletics departments to ensure that students are safe and supported.

Student-Led Efforts

Many diversity efforts on campus are supported, led, and/or founded by students. Currently, there are around 7 student groups that focus specifically on diversity and multi-culturalism.


Student Groups:

  • Noir - our diversity student union. Noir meets regularly to discuss campus & global current events in relation to diversity, along with planning social events for students interested in diversity & inclusion.
  • Better Together - a group for students of various religious and non-religious backgrounds to discuss current issues and to advocate for global peace.
  • Allies - our gay-straight alliance. Allies meets weekly to discuss topics surrounding gender & sexual orientation, along with planning several social events every year. 
  • Hillel - a group for Jewish students to meet weekly for dinner and conversation. Students are active on campus & in the local community, hosting an annual Seder, organizing Holocaust Memorial Day events & arranging programs for Jewish residents of the Masonic Village.
  • Momentum Society - a group to educate & advise our first-generation students. The society provides additional support to students beyond the more formal academic advising program.
  • No Boundaries Club
  • International Leaders Team - a team of 8 students who work through the Office of International Students and Scholars to promote internationalization & support international students on campus.

6 Year Graduation Rate of Domestic Diverse Students

State Average:




Diversity Team

The Diversity Team is comprised of a group of Elizabethtown College students who have an interest in a multi-cultural and diverse campus at Elizabethtown College. These students come from a variety of ethnic, cultural, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and epitomize “diversity” in every sense of the definition. They share a common goal that is consistent with one of Elizabethtown College’s signature attributes that recognizes the value of international and cross-cultural perspectives - they seek to enrich the campus community with a diverse student body.

What does the team do?

The Diversity Team, as a component of the Office of Admissions, has the primary focus to assist in the recruitment efforts of underrepresented prospective students from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

The Diversity Team will provide an opportunity to serve as a resource for information and to share their own unique experiences as students of color on the campus of Elizabethtown College.

Inclusive Excellence Plan

We have a clear plan in place for implementing new policies and practices for diversity and inclusion. Please take some time to view our Inclusive Excellence Plan to determine if Elizabethtown is the right fit for you.

Diverse group of students

Scholarship Support

As part of our diversity efforts, enrollment of diverse and multicultural students is a priority. As such, we have scholarships and financial aid endowments specifically for diverse and special interest students such as the Mosaic Scholarship, and International Student Endowments specifically for students living in areas of conflict.

Through our efforts, we have increased the number of diverse and multicultural students on campus. Fourteen percent of the Class of 2019 are domestic ALANA (Asian, Latino, African, and Native American) students.


The Mosaic Award is offered to students who bring to Elizabethtown an important perspective on the many aspects of diversity, as demonstrated by their experiences and activities.  The hope and expectation is that Mosaic Award winners will continue to contribute to the fostering of Inclusive Excellence at Elizabethtown College. Learn more about the Mosaic Scholarship.

Services on Campus

Once on campus, we make it a commitment to our students, especially our multicultural and diversity students, to helping to make sure that they graduate in six years or less. Counseling Services provides services specifically for supporting diverse students. Our Momentum program provides support to First Year students from diversity, multicultural, and first-generation college families. Safe Zone aims to protect student interest in the classroom as well. Currently, there are over forty faculty and staff Safe Zone certified.

We additionally have a dedicated, full-time staff member on campus to coordinate diversity workshops and develop strategic initiatives on campus. Our Director of Diversity and Inclusion is committed to making Elizabethtown a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students.

Inclusive Housing Options

Gender Inclusive Housing provides an incredible opportunity for gender nonconforming students. Complete gender inclusive housing is available in the Apartments and Quads for upper-class students, and a portion of Founders Residence Hall offers gender inclusive housing for under class students.

Momentum Program

Our Momentum Program is part of First Year Orientation and is aimed at making the transition for first-generation college students as smooth as possible. Students are more likely to graduate in four years if they receive mentorship and transition help in their first year. At Elizabethtown, we make a commitment to helping all of our students to adjust to college as easily as possible.