Top Questions about Move-in

As an incoming student, or family member of a new student, you likely have lots of questions. Below are some common topics on which our staff receives questions. We've assembled the answers in one place. To make it easier, just click on the specific topic below and you will be taken directly to its answer.

Roommates and Housing Assignments
Housing/roommate assignments will be emailed to each incoming student's Elizabethtown College email address during the second week of August from the Office of Residence Life. Students often ask what happens if they do not get along with a roommate; it may take some time getting used to living in a residence hall room, but having a roommate is part of the fun of college! If you have any problems with your roommate your Resident Assistant (RA) or the Resident Director (RD) of the building will be there to assist you in the transition to your new home.

Insurance Information
To see which insurance companies are accepted at University Physicians Group, the provider of the College's clinical health services, visit this website.

Bringing a Car to Campus
First-year students are permitted to bring a car to campus and park in the Brown Lot, which is across the street from Leffler Chapel. There is not a parking fee, but students are required to register their cars with Campus Security. When you arrive on campus, Campus Security will provide a timeline for car registration. Students who fail to register their cars will receive a fine(s) from Campus Security starting at $50.

Your Computer on Campus
You can bring a desktop or laptop processor to Elizabethtown. Many students choose to bring a laptop, so they can use it in the wireless locations available on campus. Information and Technology Services (ITS) supports both Windows-based computers and Macintosh computers on campus. Ninety-five percent of the computers on campus are Windows-based computers, and therefore, 95% of ITS' support goes to these computers. ITS will help individuals with Macintosh computers to the the best of their ability, but their knowledge of the Macintosh operating systems and applications is not as developed as their knowledge of Windows operating systems and applications. Elizabethtown College has computer purchasing arrangements with both Dell and Apple. You may purchase a computer at a small discount (5-8%) from these vendors by going to For specific information about computer requirements, visit ITS's website.

Getting Involved Your First Year
As a first-year student, you will be assigned to a first-year seminar. Two upper-class students are paired with each first-year seminar. These students are your peer mentors. Your peer mentors will explain the many ways in which you can get involved in the campus community. During orientation, you will also attend Campaign, which is an event sponsored by the Elizabethtown College Student Senate. This event showcases various student clubs and organizations at Elizabethtown. It is also a time when first-year students learn how to run for office in Student Senate. In addition, the Office of Student Activities sponsors an involvement fair during the first month of classes. The majority of student clubs and organizations are represented at the involvement fair; it is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the various campus groups.

The College Alcohol Policy
The Elizabethtown College Alcohol Policy is available on the web via the online version of the Elizabethtown College Student Handbook.

On-campus Financial Institution
There is a financial institution available at Elizabethtown College: the Pennsylvania State Employee's Credit Union (PSECU). PSECU offers the following great benefits for free: checking accounts, check cards, checks and home banking. PSECU has an ATM on campus where you can make deposits and withdrawals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; once you make your deposit at the ATM, it is available immediately. The office is located on the first floor of the Brossman Commons Building, and will be open during Summer and Fall Orientation to answer your questions and to offer you their services.

If your question was not answered here, send an email to or, if you are part of our Accepted Students Facebook Group, you can ask there as well. Also, use the search box above to help locate a page or pages by typing in a few keywords. Our website is full of information.