Curriculum Enhancement Grants

The Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking invites proposals for curriculum enhancement grants in the areas of global understanding or peacemaking. Proposals should specify how the grant will lead to the development of either entirely new courses, revised content within existing courses, or co-curricular programming to enhance the educational experience.

Eligibility: All full time tenured and tenure-track faculty are invited to apply.

Amount of the Awards: Up to four grants will be awarded up to $4,500 each.

Possible Uses for Grant Money:

    1. Hiring a student assistant, translator, consultant, lecturer, performer, etc.
    2. International or domestic travel, including site visits for study abroad.
    3. Purchasing books or equipment.
    4. Summer stipend.
    5. Funding a course release for personal preparation and/or team-teaching.
    6. In addition to the above, the review committee will consider all proposed budgets that lead to incorporating global understanding and/or peacemaking into the curriculum.

Please note:

    1. Once awarded a curriculum enhancement grant from the Center, an individual must wait two years before applying for a second grant.
    2. Priority will be given to proposals for new curriculum development and enhancement rather than providing support for existing programs.
    3. Members of the review committee cannot apply for curriculum enhancement grants.
    4. Priority will be given to proposals that produce sustainable, long-term changes in the curriculum over those that are one-time offerings.

Application Procedure

Provide a brief summary (between 600 and 4,000 words) of the way in which you will use these funds to enhance the curriculum in the areas of global understanding or peacemaking. Your application must include the following:

1. Names of participating individuals.

2. A time frame for using the funds (there is no limit to the proposed time frame).

3. A tentative, rough budget.

4. A description of the overall goal(s) for your project and your plan for assessment.

You may also want to consider the following when composing your application:

1. Is this a new idea or will the funds be used to raise the standards of an existing program?

2. What immediate and long-term impacts do you expect the project or program to have? How many students will be impacted? What do you want to happen as a result of your activities?

3. Is the project well-conceived? Are the goals reasonable?

4. How does the proposed project lead to global understanding or peacemaking?

5. Can you demonstrate that CGUP funding is crucial to the completion of the proposal?

6. Favorable consideration will be given to proposals that incorporate collaboration, include plans for external funding, and/or utilize professional development funds to augment the project.

7. Can you provide an expert evaluation of your proposal?

Post-award Report:

Recipients of the grant are required to submit a one-page report upon the conclusion of their project or at the end of the proposal’s specified time frame, whichever comes first. The report will be shared with the CGUP Steering Committee, PDC, and the Dean of Faculty. Failure to submit a report makes the individual(s) ineligible for future CGUP grants.

Selection Process:

All applications will be evaluated and ranked by an interdisciplinary committee composed of full-time faculty. If a member of the evaluation committee submits a proposal, s/he will be recused from the committee. All applicants will be informed within four weeks of the application deadline.

Application Deadline:

All applications must be submitted to the Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking by October 1.  If not all funds are awarded in the fall, their will be a second call for proposals due by April 1. Applications can be submitted either digitally or in hard copy.


Please contact Dr. David Kenley (717-361-1238, with any questions or to discuss possible projects.