Holmes Morton’s Research

 On November 8, 2012, Dr. D. Holmes Morton presented the Durnbaugh Lectures: “Caring for the Patient in the Time of Genomics: Small Science at the Clinic for Special Children” and “Plain People and Modern Medicine: The Clinic for Special Children as a Model for Health Care in North America’s Plain Communities.”

Dr. Morton cofounded the Clinic for Special Children, a nonprofit medical center for children with inherited metabolic disorders, in 1989 and serves as its medical director. Morton, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, was awarded the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism in 1993 and a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship in 2006. The Clinic for Special Children is recognized internationally for innovative studies in the discovery and treatment of inherited disorders such as GA1, maple syrup urine disease, Crigler-Najjar syndrome, and others that occur in Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities.

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