The WGS minor is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the scholarly study of women, gender, and sexuality. "Sex and Gender in Society" (WGS 105) and "Feminist and Gender Theory" (WGS 315) provide an introductory and an advanced examination of the field of Women and Gender Studies. Students also take three WGS elective courses including at least course that examines WGS from a Humanities perspective and at least one course that examines WGS from a Social Sciences perspective.

Within this structure, our minor is flexible and allows for students to tailor their coursework in ways that complement their major path of study. WGS elective courses come from across the Elizabethtown curriculum, and many students are able to take a course within their major that will count towards the WGS minor. Many of our courses also fulfill Core requirements. This helps students identify Core courses that will connect well with their interests, and also makes it easier for students to fit the WGS minor into their busy college schedules.


Courses that count toward the WGS minor:


  • WGS 105 - Sex and Gender in Society (fulfills Social Sciences Core)
  • WGS 315 - Feminist and Gender Theory 

WGS Humanities electives:

  • COM 252 - Multicultural Communications (Humanities Core)
  • EN 251 - Multicultural Literature (Humanities Core)
  • EN 317 - Studies in Narrative (Women Writers)
  • EN 440 - Twain and Gender
  • REL 323 - Women, Gender, and the Hebrew Bible
  • WGS / HST 170 - Women's Work / Women's Rights: America, 1890-present
  • WGS / REL 171 - Women of Faith
  • WGS 370 - Que(e)rying Identity

WGS Social Sciences Electives:

  • PS 365 - Women and Politics
  • PS 370 - Gender and the Law (Honors course)
  • PSY 237 - Psychology of Women (Soc Sci Core)
  • SOC 204 - Population and Global Issues (Soc Sci Core)
  • SOC 305 - Marriage and Family
  • SOC 370 - Race, Class, Gender in Criminal Justice
  • SW 260 - International Social Developmen
  • SW 339 - Human Sexuality
  • SW 355 - Women in Society
  • WGS 371 - Sexing the Body

Students can also complete a Directed Study with a WGS faculty member for either Humanities or Social Sciences credit: WGS 462 or 464 (2 or 4 credits)