Why study Chinese at E-town?

In an increasingly global world, China has become a major business partner for the US. With China emerging as an important player in world affairs, it is especially important for students interested in communication, language, business and finance to learn about and understand the language and culture of China. The Chinese Studies program at Elizabethtown College will prepare you for a world where international business may be conducted in Mandarin, or a knowledge of Chinese culture may give you a leg-up on competition in the job market. In fact, Mandarin is one of the most in-demand languages for job prospects to have competency in!

While the Chinese program at E-town is not a major, the program pairs well with International Business or other majors with an eye on an international market. Even majors that are not particularly “international” may benefit from some background in Chinese language and culture.

What exactly is the Chinese studies program?

The Chinese studies program is very small currently and housed in the Department of Modern Languages. As a student, you’ll take a Chinese Culture and Society course, four sequential language courses, and a few courses in other departments that have a focus on China. The program is not considered a major or minor at this time, but with a small offering of courses, any student can find time for the courses during their four years!

Wondering about Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad in China is available for short-term visits, a semester, or even a full year abroad. There are two options for studying abroad in China. A semester at Dalian University in Dalian, China, or a short-term May trip that travels around Asia.

What else can you do with an interest in Chinese?

The Department of Modern Languages works every semester to plan a variety or trips and activities for both American students who are learning Chinese and Chinese exchange students. There are activities such as making moon cakes during Mid-Autumn Festival, or attending Spring Festival Celebration.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of events and activities such as joining one or more of our various student organizations, Bubble Tea Night, and Movie Night.

Scholarships opportunities:

The Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS): The CLS Program offers fully-funded summer language institutes for U.S. university students and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Chinese is one of the languages sponsored by the program.

The 100,000 Strong Foundation formally launched in 2013 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help answer President Barack Obama’s call to deepen Americans’ understanding of China through study abroad.

Employment opportunities:

Opportunities include:

  • working for the United States Embassy in China,
  • teaching the English language in China through TeachAwayInc.,
  • working for the Central Intelligence Agency, and
  • working in multinational companies, such as Coca-cola, with headquarters or branches in China.