Major in Sociology-Anthropology

An advantage to the combined major is that you will learn to understand both your own society and other cultures in a way that will prepare you to live and work in this country and abroad. The Sociology-Anthropology major emphasizes conceptual and applied approaches, preparing you for a variety of career opportunities.

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Life After E-town

Jasmine Gollup

Jasmine Gollup ‘09

Jasmine uncovers the past in her position at Historic St. Mary's in Maryland.

Inspired by the experiences offered to her at Elizabethtown College, Jasmine Gollup is enjoying success as a field archaeologist in Lexington Park, Md., After graduating in 2009 with a double major in History and Sociology/Anthropology-Archaeology, Jasmine went on to earn her MA just a year later from Cornell (N.Y.) University. At her current job in Historic St. Mary’s City, she spends her days outside doing the physical labor necessary to "uncover our past," as she phrases it. “I absolutely love my job and I love interacting with site visitors and school tours, explaining the significance of our past and the importance of preserving it,” she said.


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