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$60,000,000 Goal

Raised: $47,437,064

Goal: $60,000,000

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Since 1899, we have been committed to educating our students for lives of service

We have prepared the next generation of Blue Jays to fly higher and farther than they ever thought possible. Learning really is most noble when used to benefit others, regardless of a student’s chosen career path. Our students lead rich lives of purpose and meaning, while advancing independent thought, personal integrity and social responsibility. The College is embarking on an exciting journey together with our alumni, donors, students, trustees, faculty and staff. A journey that will inspire our entire community to reach higher and go farther than we ever have as a college.


This campaign is a commitment to our students’ growth; academic, physical, emotional, social and vocational. By embarking on this inspired journey, we will continue to transform lives, build community, and fulfill dreams for years to come. We hope that you’ll join us.


We have identified priorities that will ensure the impact of an Elizabethtown College education is long-lasting and far-reaching. Students will acquire new habits of mind and heart—purposeful life work--some in the course of the undergraduate experience, others as they continue to grow beyond our campus. In short, they will be more prepared than ever before to leave their mark on the world in a variety of meaningful ways.

Elizabethtown College