Annual Fund: Goal $6 Million

Each year, the Annual Fund provides a core source of funding that supports our most urgent needs. These gifts fund scholarships, academic programs, laboratory equipment, campus life, and other key priorities for our campus. By advancing our institution in all areas, philanthropy makes it possible not only to instruct and enlighten our students, but to inspire them to make a positive impact on the world.

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide critical resources to:

Academic Programs
Laboratory Equipment
Campus Life

Gifts to the Annual Fund provide critical resources to support programs and initiatives that benefit the entire campus community, and gives us the flexibility to meet new and unexpected challenges. The Annual Fund acts as the foundation of everything we do around campus. All gifts less than $25,000 will be added to the Annual Fund where all of our Be Inspired campaign projects can find additional support alongside general campus projects and expenses.

Our students love Elizabethtown College for its dedication to providing them with the best education possible. This includes competitive scholarships, esteemed academic programs, top of the line laboratory equipment, and engaging campus life opportunities. None of that would be possible without our generous donors. All of those items are made possible in large part by the Annual Fund, which provides resources for making nearly everything on campus possible on a day-to-day basis.

Not all campus expenses are attributed incredible projects. In fact, many expenses around campus are small, but necessary for daily life. Everything from replacing a broken window in a dorm to renewing a scholarship finds support within the Annual Fund. Departments and Offices receive their budgets from a portion of the Annual Fund each year. In fact, the most important fund on campus may be this one. Renewing every year, the Annual Fund is the philanthropic lifeblood which fuels campus forward.

All contributions are considered necessary, worthwhile, and appreciated, as those gifts build upon each other to form the backbone of the rest of the college. The Annual Fund relies on contributions from alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends to sustain this support year after year. By donating to the Annual Fund, you have a direct impact on each student’s Elizabethtown experience. We hope that donors in all stages of life will support the Annual Fund to ensure the future of Elizabethtown College.

Ways to Give

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Your gift to the Annual Fund ensures that we're funding the areas of greatest need for our students. Provide for the future of Elizabethtown College. Thank you!

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