A facility committed to providing holistic fitness and wellness services to our campus is vitally important. Furthermore, it defines our commitment to student growth and development through a fully integrated program of athletics, recreation, and health and wellness. Combined, experiences in these programs promote life-long commitments to physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In addition, the Sports, Fitness, and Wellness Center would serve as a hub of student social activity and offer Elizabethtown a critical strength in student recruitment and retention.

Though the Hess Archives and Young Center expansion are fully funded, an enlarged endowment fund will ensure the sustainability of the Center’s scholarly work and acquisition of rare materials. An endowed fund dedicated to the preservation of the only Anabaptist and Pietist studies in the country expresses our continued commitment to our deep Brethren heritage.

We continually invest in initiatives to help reduce our footprint and make our campus more sustainable. A Green Revolving Fund will help reduce the annual energy expenditure of the College by up to 10 percent. Gifts for sustainability efforts will be used to support campus projects of all sizes focused on decreasing non-renewable energy expenses and improving campus conservation practices.

A residential renewal fund is critically important to ensure a full college life experience, and to ensure that Elizabethtown remains competitive among peer institutions. Modern, updated, and functional living spaces are of great interest to prospective and current students, and remain a top consideration when students and families compare colleges. Elizabethtown’s residential facilities are aging and funding is needed to enhance the living experience on campus and create meaningful communities for our students. Additionally, this would provide funds for outdoor living and learning spaces, as well as campus beautification initiatives.