Faculty Development and Recognition

Our faculty members are passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of professionals while also actively pursuing their own research and writing. Their dedication to our College and students is invaluable.

Faculty are at the core of our students’ experiences at Elizabethtown College. They provide mentorship, serve as academic advisors, students advocates, research partners, and inspire academic growth every day. By investing in our talented faculty, we not only ensure that we are attracting the best and brightest minds, regardless of discipline, but also ensuring that that talent stays at Elizabethtown. An investment in our faculty is ultimately an investment in our students and the reputation of the College. We want to provide resources that allow our faculty to flourish and grow, and we recognize that the needs of every department vary. While some may need lab equipment, others may need travel stipends, while still others may need course reprieves. By creating a fund dedicated to enrichment, we allow the faculty to express their needs, and ensure that they continue to grow not only personally, but also continue contributing to their area of study. A faculty development and recognition fund creates opportunity to celebrate the contributions of our academic community, while continuing to encourage and financially support ongoing research.

Funds raised will benefit our faculty by offering them research awards and scholarships, sabbatical opportunities for writing and research, and teaching and research professorships. Additionally, support of our faculty will allow us to hire adjunct professors during sabbatical leave, and implement an academic chair in The Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking.

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