We are committed to helping remove financial barriers for our students. By offering both need-based aid for students to help mitigate any unmanageable costs, and by recognizing high-achieving students by providing strong merit awards, we ensure that any student with a dream to attend Elizabethtown College may find a home here. Solid financial aid packages help us attract some of the top prospective students in the nation, regardless of financial status. Endowed scholarships are a key part of our institutional aid, and guarantee that we continue to attract academically strong, well-rounded, and a diverse student body.

Serving as the students’ first year advisor, the FYS professor facilitates the transition from high school to college and hones skills of research and writing. Participation assists students in making a positive transition to college. A small learning environment coupled with intensive faculty and peer advising promotes higher student retention, a solid basis for academic success and the ability to make meaningful and fulfilling decisions. Funding is needed to make peer mentor-led academic Roundtables available to all first year students and to support an annual research experience in Washington, D.C.

We actively invest in programming that helps our students pursue professional and personal development, and prestigious scholarships and fellowships. Prestigious scholarships, like Fulbright, open doors to cultures and research unexplored. In fact, Elizabethtown College was named a “Top Producer of U.S. Fulbright Scholars and Students” for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Our Honors Program is not only academic in nature, but also a multifaceted social and cultural experience, serving about 150 students across all class levels. The Honors Program at Elizabethtown challenges our highest performing students to push the boundaries of possibility, tackle exciting research initiatives, and continue to develop their academic prowess.

Preparing our students for post-graduate success is our number one priority. By providing internship grants, job shadowing opportunities, career and internship fairs, and interview prep, our students can feel confident that upon graduation, they’ll be prepared for whatever challenges they encounter, whether in graduate programs or the workforce.