From Appalachia to Asia, our students know no boundaries. The world is at their feet, and we’re opening doors to other cultures both near and far. By offering scholarships for international travel and study abroad, for travel to culturally diverse settings, and for May/Winter term travel-based courses, we’re ensuring that financial barriers don’t stop our students from exploring the world.


Innovation Fund

Our faculty and students collaborate on innovative research, and technology advances can fuel research success in a significant way. The Innovation Fund will provide the resources to acquire the kind of cutting-edge technology that prompts efficient and effective problem-solving, and provides our students with the latest equipment to ensure their success.

Engaging with faculty is a life-changing experience for many of our students. Under faculty guidance and supervision, our students tackle complex questions and problems, investigate their theories, and ultimately study their passions. From human rights to the development of black soldier flies, no exploration is too small. And with over 35% of our students participating in this signature learning experience, from think tanks and laboratory work to summer research, it is at the core of our student funding priorities. Many students count their faculty research advisors as not just a supervisor, but a mentor and friend. The mentor experiences our students embrace while at Elizabethtown profoundly impact them in their future, both personally and professionally.

Our faculty members are passionate about teaching and mentoring the next generation of professionals while also actively pursuing their own research and writing. Their dedication to our College and students is invaluable. Funds raised will benefit our faculty by offering them research awards and scholarships, sabbatical opportunities for writing and research, and teaching and research professorships. Additionally, support of our faculty will allow us to hire adjunct professors during sabbatical leaves and implement an academic chair in The Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking.

In the Called to Lead program, we’re preparing our students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our students are challenged to explore leadership in the context of life meaning, ethics, and the things that they are passionate about.