Furniture Standards

The Procurement Office has developed standards and recommendations to assist you with the procurement of your office furniture requirements. These standards have been developed to assure you of exceptional quality and service while ensuring functionality and efficient use of College funds. 

These furniture standards were adopted from companies that are leaders in sustainability initiatives, and because they offer the best value in pricing, quality, fire-code protection, warranty, and ergonomic design.  Models of our standards appear throughout the website, however, if you wish to view and “test” them in person, please contact the Procurement Office as there are many samples located throughout the College.

IKEA and Costco: Both firms have nice designs for home use, but the materials are not appropriate for commercial use. Most items require assembly and may not meet ergonomics, OSHA standards.  In addition, they do not provide assembly and delivery is an issue. Most furniture now ships un-assembled. Assembly must be arranged separately. Buildings and Grounds will not assemble furniture for you.  For these reasons, IKEA and Costco are not preferred furniture providers. 


Ergonomics is the science of fitting jobs to people. One area of focus is on designing computer workstations and job tasks for safety and efficiency. Effective ergonomics design coupled with good posture can reduce employee injuries and increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Campus departments shall inspect the computer workstations of all campus employees required to use computers for four hours or more daily. Lighting for these computer workstations should also be evaluated to reduce glare and visual discomfort. All inspections should be documented on the Workstation Self-Evaluation Checklist




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