Card Request 

Directors/Managers can approve personnel within their areas to be cardholders. Anyone requesting a Purchasing Card will need to contact the Program Administrator to request and complete a Purchasing Card Enrollment Form.


New cardholders are required to attend card training conducted by the Program Administrator. All cardholders or individuals responsible for card transactions will need to attend training prior to card issuance.

After training, the cardholder will complete and sign an Employee Card Usage Agreement indicating they understand the procedures and responsibilities associated with the Purchasing Card.

The Program Administrator will maintain all records of requests, limits, etc. The Program Administrator has the authority, with the approval of the Department Head/Chair, to increase/decrease card limits when appropriate.

Cardholder and Approver Responsibilities


• Security of the card; it is the cardholders' responsibility to safeguard the PCard and card number. If a PCard is lost or stolen, the cardholder must Notify PNC Bank immediately and Tiffany Wells
@  or x1575 as soon as possible.
• Online allocation
• Receipt & Documentation Retention
• Reconciliation and submission of all statements; the cardholder is responsible for transactions          identified on their statement. The cardholder must be able to produce receipts and/or proof of the   transaction. The cardholder will be held personally liable for unauthorized expenditures.



Due Date

Online Allocation  

Use ActivePay website to assign the correct budget number and transaction description. 10th of each month
(January allocations due February 10th)

Statement and Receipt Reconciliation

Attach original receipts and missing receipt forms to the signed statement and submit to Statement Approver for signatures.  

Cardholder must initial the statement.
The last day of the next month
(January statements due February 28)

Statement Review & Approval

Department Head/Chair/Director


Review PCard transactions within   area of responsibility to ensure appropriateness. 

Verify receipts are included and documented according to PCard Policies.

Sign Missing Receipt forms if applicable.

Initial the bottom of the cardholder’s statement and submit completed   statements to the Purchasing Department by the due dates.
The last day of the next month
(January statements due February 28)

Program Administrator

• Issuance of New Cards.
• Card Renewals and Cancellations.
• Cardholder Maintenance.
• Card Audits.

PCard Support and Documentation

Support documentation is required for ALL PCard transactions.  Attach the matching documentation/receipts to the corresponding statement.

  1. Travel and entertainment receipts must include number of people present and purpose.
  2. The Cardholder and the Department Head are required to sign the statement.
  3. Statements can be found on the ActivePay website.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are required for transactions over $999. Please follow the Helpful Hints for Purchasing guidelines regarding PO's and department approvals.

A purchase order should not be created for items or services purchased with the PCard under $999.


In Person

You will be present for the transaction and will be able to receive and sign for the merchandise in one step. It is important that you keep all information pertaining to the transaction including the signed sales receipt.

1. Advise the company that the purchase will be tax exempt.
2. Obtain a sales receipt.
3. Record the purchase online.
4. Secure the signed receipt plus detailed receipt for all purchases.

You will be requested to sign a sales draft. The vendor will match your signature to the signature on the back of your PNC Bank Purchasing Card. Please retain the sales draft and any documentation the vendor provides with your purchase.

Telephone or Online

You will not be present for the transaction and will need to provide more information for the vendor. Make sure you have your card available for these purchases. The vendor will need you to provide your name, your account number, the address on your account, and the expiration date. The vendor may also ask for the three-digit number on the back of your card in the signature panel.

1. Advise the company that the purchase will be tax exempt.
2. Obtain a confirmation/order number or a person's name for verification of purchase.
3. If possible, request a receipt of confirmation via fax or email from the supplier.

It is important for the vendor to provide a sales draft and verification that the item was paid for by the PCard. Please remind the vendor to include a sales draft with your purchase.

Receipt Retention

Backup documentation is required for all PCard transactions.

All Travel and Entertainment “type” expenses must be clearly identifiable and include Who, What, and Why. Incomplete information will be sent back to the cardholder.

PCard Missing Receipt Form

In the event the original receipt is lost, a Missing Receipt Form must be completed and submitted with the statement.  Excessive use of the form may lead to card suspension or deactivation.


To reconcile transactions online, go to

A username, password and organization ID is required to access the ActivePay website.

Transactions must be allocated on-line by the 10th of the month. Transactions not allocated by the due date, are at risk for temporary card suspension

Billing Disputes

If you do not recognize a transaction or a group of transactions, you should begin the dispute process immediately. If you have a group of unauthorized transactions, contact Tiffany Wells immediately to begin the dispute process. Your card number may have been compromised and your account may need to be closed. You may be asked to supply copies of all the documentation pertaining to the unauthorized transactions.

It is the cardholders’ responsibility to ensure proper credits are received and to make follow up calls if necessary. If you are unable resolve the issue with the vendor, contact Tiffany Wells.