Faculty Grants

The faculty grant program allows bids for any type of work which faculty might engage in as part of their employment with the College, including projects focused on teaching, professional development, research, and/or service. There are three types of grants: starter grants, faculty grants, and strategic grants.

  • Starter Grants (maximum $1,000)

Starter grants are available to all full-time faculty in their first or second year at Elizabethtown College.

  • Faculty Grants (maximum $3,000)

Faculty grants are available to full-time faculty members.

  • Strategic Grants (maximum $10,000)

Strategic grants should offer innovation for a department or program or propose a project that would benefit Elizabethtown College as a whole.


Collaborative Interdisciplinary Scholarship Program (CISP)

The goal of the CISP is to facilitate interdisciplinary scholarship at Elizabethtown College. Such work can be undertaken by teams of faculty, students and professional staff.

Goals of the CISP program are to:

  1. Enhance interdisciplinary connections/communication at the College;
  2. Reflect the growing national trend for such connections;
  3. Strengthen departments and interdepartmental interactions;
  4. Create a foundation for projects that can lead to outside funding; and
  5. Build strategic alliances with faculty at other colleges and universities, community organizations.

Outcomes for these projects should include one or more of the following:

  1. New interdisciplinary courses;
  2. Revision of current courses to incorporate an interdisciplinary perspective;
  3. Book manuscripts;
  4. Articles submitted to refereed journals or other publications;
  5. Faculty and student presentations at professional conferences;
  6. New or revised interdisciplinary programs at Elizabethtown College
  7. Practical applications that address college, regional, national, or international problems;
  8. External grant applications.

Criteria for evaluation of the grant applications

  1. Is the project well-conceived? Are the goals reasonable?
  2. Is the proposed project interdisciplinary in character?
  3. Will there be substantial faculty-student interaction and collaboration?
  4. Are the specific project outcomes understandable and achievable? Is there a workable framework for assessment?
  5. Will the project significantly enhance interdisciplinary inquiry at Elizabethtown through classroom practices, the curriculum, and/or supervised research?
  6. Favorable consideration will be given to proposals that incorporate collaboration among faculty from different departments, involve professional staff and other stakeholders, and/or include plans for external funding to augment and/or sustain the project.


Faculty International Scholarship Seminar (FISS)

Supported by the Mellon Foundation, the Faculty International Scholarship Seminar (FISS) began in 2008. FISS provides funding for international travel, housing, food and transportation. Additional costs must be paid with the participant's Professional Development Fund or other sources. Recent seminar locations include:

  • 2013 - Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey)
  • 2012 - Middle East (Oman and Egypt)
  • 2011 - Caribbean (Cuba, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico)
  • 2009 - East Asia (China, Hong Kong, Korea and Mongolia)
  • 2008 - North Atlantic Region (Denmark and Iceland)