Note taker Responsibilities:

Students who qualify for note-taking services rely heavily on you to provide them with the most accurate notes you can provide. Notes serve as written reminders of what was covered in class and the professor’s view of essential elements of the topic or course. Please be thorough – don’t omit important information because it is familiar to you, take notes with the student receiving your notes in mind. Our ability to provide accessibility is only as good as your ability and commitment to providing good notes in a timely fashion.

• Attendance is paramount. If you miss a class, the student misses access to that class as well. If miss a class, please notify disability services as soon as possible so they can find a replacement.

• Take notes on only one side of the page if you take handwritten notes. Scanning often picks up written material from the opposite side of the page decreasing legibility.

• Include all information given in class (due dates for assignments, tests, and quizzes, graphs, board work, diagrams, etc.

• Each page of the notes must contain the following information:

o Name and number of the course (Marketing 211)

o Name of the instructor (Professor Greenberg)

o Date notes were taken (9/6/11)

o Your name (Clark Kent)

o Identification number of the student for whom you are taking notes

o Consecutive page numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

o Please indicate the end of your notes (class over, end of notes, etc…)

• Notes must be submitted to Disability Services within 24 hours of the lecture. The procedure for scanning is below. Use the scanner in Baugher Student Center, room 240. If the door to this room is locked, please see the coordinator in Learning Zone.

o Place notes face down in paper feeder. If using a spiral notebook, lift the cover and copy each page individually.

o select image send

o select address book (right side of screen)

o select down arrow

o select disability services

o select large silver button to send notes

• You will receive one hour of compensation every third class of notes for classes meeting 3 times/week (3 hours of class time), or one hour of compensation every second class of notes for classes meeting 2 times/week (3 hours of class time), or one hour of compensation every class of notes for classes meeting 1 time/week (3 hours of class). Most student note takers earn about $100/semester for each course. Please see Tammie Longsderff, Assistant Director of Disability Services to learn how to submit your time on ClocTrack. You must also sign in and out on the note taker ledger and work log sheet.

• Please inform Disability Services as soon as possible if you drop the course for which you are taking notes so we can continue to provide access for the student.

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