Note Taker Information

Dear Student,

Our primary mission in Disability Services is to ensure all Elizabethtown College courses, services, programs and activities are accessible to qualified students with disabilities. Out of approximately 1800 students currently enrolled at Elizabethtown, 120 disclosed a disability and provided appropriate documentation substantiating their request for accommodations or academic adjustments. Seventeen percent of these students qualify for note takers as a reasonable accommodation for their disability. While taking good notes for another student may not seem like a big deal for you, it makes an enormous difference for the students receiving these notes. Access to thorough, organized, good quality notes provides equal access to lecture material for many students with disabilities. Your willingness to be a note taker not only helps a particular student, but helps Elizabethtown College provide accessibility.

While it is our responsibility to ensure accessibility, this can only become a reality if the Elizabethtown community works together collectively. Captioned movies, textbooks in auditory format, enlarged print text, Assistive Listening FM systems, strobes, assistive technology, and accessible buildings require the efforts of many individuals and departments on campus. Disability Services could not function without the commitment of these individuals. Thank you for your part in providing accessibility at Elizabethtown College. I, and the students for whom you are taking notes, remain extremely grateful.

Lynne Davies
Director, Disability Services

Tammie Longsderff
Assistant Director, Disability Services