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HALF JAY = 70.3 miles
FULL JAY = 140.6 miles

IRONJAY Tracking Sheet 

Completed tracking sheets can be submitted to The Hub or electronically to by 11/18/16.


The IRONJAY CHALLENGE is an annual fitness challenge at Elizabethtown College where students, faculty, staff and alumni track their own physical activity throughout the semester to complete either the FULL JAY (140.6 miles) or the HALF JAY (70.3 miles).  

What counts towards my miles? 

Every mile of walking, running, swimming, biking, elliptical-ing etc. counts towards your total for the challenge. Participants can also include other physical activities such as playing soccer, gardening, or aerobics towards their total mileage. Click here for information to help convert your activities to miles.

E-Fit Class:Mile Conversion

Pound 4 miles
Kickboxing 8 miles
Spinning 7 miles
Pilates 3 miles
Ab Class 1.5 miles
Zumba 4 miles
Body Pump 6 miles
Yoga 1.5 miles

How do I log my activities? 

Participants are expected to continuously track their miles throughout the semester.  Miles can be recorded electronically in this tracking form, or it may be printed and activities can be recorded by hand. 


This year's official IRONJAY prizes include dri fit T-SHIRTS, magnets and microfiber towels.  

How did we come up with the IRONJAY mileage? 

The IRONJAY CHALLENGE is based on the "IRONMAN" competition which is a triathalon that adds up to 140.6 miles. Our competition is for all Blue Jays, so we changed the name to IRONJAY, but kept the same mileage, get it?