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Recognition Awards Program

Elizabethtown College has established Recognition Awards to reward individual faculty and staff members and teams of faculty and/or staff members for significant contributions supporting the College's strategic initiatives or strengthening and improving the College's effectiveness as an institution.

Individual awardees and individual members of a team receive $500 and a Recognition Award Certificate. Recognition Award(s) are paid as a one-time payment in the first pay period in January and are not added to base salary.

How the Recognition Awards Program Works

  1. Nominator Completes the on-line nomination form.
    • On or before January 13, 2017, Departments Chairs, Directors, and Sr. Level Administrators should complete a nomination form for each individual employee or individual team member.
  2. Review of nomination forms.
    • Online forms are automatically submitted to the HCRC review group. The HCRC  review group will consider each nominee's information with the Recognition Awards Program criteria. In January, the HCRC will notify the nominators of award nominees.
  3. Notification given to award recipients.
    • Nominators will contact the individual employee or team member of a $500 Recognition Award. HR will send to the employee a certificate affirming the recognition award. Names of award recipients will be announced during the Spring Semester.
  4. Distribution of $500 Recognition Award.
    • All award recipients will receive a one-time monetary award of $500 on the first pay in February, 2017.


All Faculty and staff are eligible to receive a Recognition Award. Awards may also recognize a department, office, team, committee, task force, or working group.


Recognition Awards will be made for work or accomplishments that have significantly contributed to the College's strategic initiatives or to its institutional strength and improvement. Recognition Awards shall be made for accomplishments during the two-year period preceding the January 13, 2017 deadline.

Some examples of accomplishments, work, or service that might meet these criteria include: 

  • Completion of an action item related to the Strategic Plan or a significant contribution to the strategies and goals of the plan.
  • On-going engagement in efforts that have resulted in institutional strengthening and improvement measured against internal goals and/or external benchmarks.
  • Implementation of innovative leadership practices that have significantly strengthened an office, department, unit, or the College.
  • Implementation of financial planning and budget management processes or practices that demonstrate exceptional stewardship of College resources.
  • Effective and productive participation on special projects, institutional committees, or tasks forces that have advanced strategic initiatives or that have strengthened or improved the institution.
  • Group effort that results in substantial, measurable improvement to a required process, compliance regulation, business system, or direct service to students, employees, alumni, or other stakeholders.

Process of Nomination

  • Members of Senior Staff and/or directors make written recommendations for Recognition Awards. Recommendations shall be limited to 400 words and should outline the individual or group's contribution to one or more strategic initiatives and/or to institutional strengthening or improvement.
  • Nominations should be submitted to Human Resources on or before January 13, 2017.
  • Nominations for work, projects, or service that have clear end dates should not be made until after the work or project has been completed. Nominations for on-going work that contributes to institutional excellence should provide evidence of specific positive outcomes against institutional goals or external benchmarks.
  • The Hiring Compensation and Review Committee (HCRC) together with two directors and one faculty member, appointed by the President, shall review the nominations to determine the Recognition Awards. (The HCRC includes the Provost and Senior Vice President, the Vice President for Administration & Finance, the Dean of Students, and the Director for Human Resources.)
  • The HCRC shall notify the nominators of the outcome of the review process in January, 2017. Nominators will notify employees within their respective units who have been recognized.
  • Human Resources will notify individual nominees of outcomes of the nomination and send certificates to those receiving awards.
  • Recognition Awards will be announced to campus in the Spring Semester.