Filling a Vacancy 


Requests to fill vacancies (permanent or temporary) will be considered any time during the year. 

To fill a permanent or temporary vacancy, a request must be sent to HCRC (following the process outlined in the Process for Submitting a Request).  Hiring Managers may initiate the request as soon as the incumbent provides notice that they are resigning from the College.  In order to initiate the request the following documents must be uploaded into People Admin.

      1. Copy of the current position description.
      1. Copy of the revised position description (if applicable).
      1. Reason for the request.
        1. Reasons for changes to position description.
        2. Any alternatives you may have considered such as: retraining/reassignment of duties to existing staff, redesign of work or student labor.
      2. Impact on the budget of filling this position.
      1. Description of how the position (if applicable) advances the College’s Strategic Plan and/or the unit mission and strategic initiatives. 
      1. Copy of organizational chart.

* If the request is for a temporary position, the anticipated length of time should be included.

* If the department expects intradepartmental movement in order to fill the vacancy, the department will not need to resubmit another request to HCRC for the new vacancy left by internal movement unless there is a change in duties or salary.