Requesting a New Position


Requests for new positions are to be submitted through PeopleAdmin prior to December 31 for the following fiscal/academic year.  HCRC will begin to review the requests in February and then forward the request through the annual budget process to determine the availability of funds.  If the HCRC gives approval for new positions, the Committee will forward the recommendation for consideration in the budgeting cycle process.  

When a determination by the committee has been made, notifications of the decision will be sent from HR.  The following documents must be uploaded into PeopleAdmin for new requests: 

    1. A written request justifying the new position.  Justification must include how the new position will advance the College’s Strategic Plan and/or the unit mission and strategic initiatives.  The justification must also include any impact the new position will have on revenue and cost.
    2. A proposed organizational chart and outline of any structural realignment of responsibilities as a result of a new position.
    3. An explanation of the impact if the new position is not filled.
    4. An explanation of other alternatives if the position is not filled.
    5. An explanation of options if there is a delay in filling the position.
    6. Any comparative information.

Once HR receives the request:

    1. HR will review the documentation to ensure all of the necessary information is provided.
    2. As the requests are received, HR will meet with the hiring manager to verify and confirm duties and responsibilities.
    3. An evaluation and analysis will be completed to determine classification of position and salary recommendations.
    4. When the evaluation and assessment is completed a report is presented to the committee for determination as to whether the position is approved or not

Positions that are externally funded through a grant can be submitted as needed and may be reviewed out of cycle.