International Leadership Team Assistants

International Leadership Assistants (ILA's) eases the transition of first-year students into the college. During the summer and fall, the ILA's are given extensive training so they can help the students as best as possible.

Each ILA is given a group of first-year students to bond with and make new friends. ILA's assist incoming international students in adjusting academically, culturally and socially to the United States and Elizabethtown College.

Applications are accepted in March of each year.

ILA’s are committed to making Elizabethtown College a warm and welcoming
community for our new students from around the world take a look at our team:


 2017 - 2018 International Leadership Team

Gaia Lazzarini
:  Senior - Class of 2018
Major:  Mechanical Engineering
Languages:  Italian, English, Spanish, French
Places I have traveled:  Spain, France, Portugal, UK, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Tunisia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada, & USA
On Campus Activities: Women in Engineering Club, Student Senate, Class of 2018 President

Advice:  Be confident in yourself, do your best, the English will come
Project: Global Eats

Guadalupe Carnero
Junior - Class of 2019
Major:  Sustainable Design and Mechanical Engineering
Languages: Spanish and English
I have traveled:  Mexico, Japan and Colombia
On Campus Activities: Women in Engineering Club, NOIR, ILA, Student Diversity
and Momentum

Advice: Welcome failure. It is how we grow.
Project - Rice for Refugees

Luke Mackey
Year: 5th year Master's Student - Class of 2021
Major: Public Policy
Languages: English
Places I have traveled: Israel/Palestine, The Bahamas, East Coast of US
On Campus Activities: WWEC 88.3 FM Radio Show

Advice: If you feel that you would like to try something, try it! The worst thing that can happen is that you don't like it, but if you never try in the first place, you will never know. 
Project- Video projects, International Interfaith Podcast 


Liuba Miranosava
Year:  Sophomore- Class of 2020
Major: Accounting
Languages: Russian, English, French
Places I have traveled: The Bahamas, Ukraine, Belarus, Jamaica, England, Canada
On Campus Activities: Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Into the Streets, Alpha Lambda Delta, E-Fit, High Center for Family Business

Advice: When life pushes you to the edge, you can either fall or fly; the choice is yours.
Project: Special Programming Assistant, Office Manager

Sam Friedline
Sophomore - Class of 2020
Secondary English Education & Asian Studies
Languages: English
Places I have traveled: France, Mexico, all over the Bahamas and Caribbean
On Campus Activities: Global Scholars, Strengths Coaching w/ Stacey Zimmerman, Stonewall LLC

Project(s) : U.S Culture and Slang, English Language Table

Tasin Choudhury
 Senior- Class of 2017
Computer Engineering
Languages: Bengali and English
Places I have traveled:  India, Bangaldesh
On Campus Activities: No Boundaries, Act for Humanity, Spanish Club, Intramurals

Project : U.S Culture and Slang

Josie Stommel
 Sophomore - Class of 2019
Interfaith Leadership and Spanish
Languages: English and Spanish
Places I have traveled: Northern Ireland and London (UK), British Columbia, and across the U.S.
On Campus Activities: No Boundaries, Circle K, ILA, Spanish Club, Orchestra, and yoga

Advice: Anything is possible if you are willing to work with your peers, faculty members, and other individuals. Reach out; make a difference! 

Project(s): English Language Table, U.S Culture and Slang