Remove Webroot Antispyware

Upon graduation the AntiSpyware program (Webroot Spy Sweeper), which the College required, may be removed from your computer.  If you remove Spy Sweeper, please install another AntiSpyware program on your computer, so you are protected.  Two popular free applications are listed below:

Spybot - Search & Destroy
Ad-Aware Free

Removing Spy Sweeper:

  1. Download the file: and save it to your desktop.
  2. Close the browser
  3. On the desktop, double click
  4. Extract all files to your desktop
  5. Double click SSECleanup.exe
  6. A black box (DOS) will appear with white text:  "State SSECleanup Log File Started," and "Removing Spy Sweeper Client <Leaving configuration>..."
  7. Once uninstaller is complete (typically 2-10 minutes), the window will close.
  8. Subsequent to removal, you may delete any and all files downloaded.