The Hub

Visit the Hub in the BSC to sign up for events, purchase tickets, get a copy of the latest calendar, or inquire about OSA or events. 

Hours: Monday - Thursday, 11am - 7pm and Friday, 11am - 4pm

Good to Know

  • OSA is hiring for 2018-2019 (Body Shop, Efit, Intramurals, Events, Publicity). Email for job descriptions and applications.
  • Publicity requests are now available in JayWeb (requires login). 
  • The Bike Share will be returning after Spring Break!
  • Did you sign up for an off-campus event? Make sure you complete your trip form (requires JayWeb login). NOTE: Completing this form does NOT sign you up for the trip! You must still sign up in the Hub. Students who do not complete the trip form will not be permitted to go on the trip.
  • Is your club or department interested in showing a movie on campus? You need Public Performance Rights
  • Contact Senate if you would like to start a club or have any club-related questions. Follow the link in the left-hand navigation to see the listing and contact information for current clubs.


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