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Publicity Options and Protocols

Railing Banners

Railing banners are hung from the Center for Student Success for a total of two weeks at a time. Across the concourse banners are six by six feet, and hang between the Center for Student Success and the Market Place, making it a piece of publicity that no one at Elizabethtown College can miss seeing. Student groups or departments must reserve this location for their publicity in advance, and their concourse banner can only be hung for one week.


Reserving one of the three large windows located in the Brossman Commons is also a way for the Office of Student Activities or other student groups to publicize their events. Publicity assistants use window markers to announce the information requested. These windows must be reserved in advance, and can only publicize one event for a total of five days.


Five sign stanchions scattered around the Brossman Commons are also available for publicity. A student group can design and/or print their own publicity to be displayed on a sign stanchion, a twelve by eighteen inch area. These stanchions must be reserved in advance as well, and a student group or department can reserve no more than two at a time, for a limited period of days.

Pricing & Policies

Office of Student Activities publicity assistants will be making a maximum of ten posters per week, which must be requested in advance. These ten pieces of publicity do not include any posters being made for events sponsored by OSA branches. Campus departments will be charged $8 for every railing banner, and $13 for every across the concourse banner. These chargers will not apply to student groups, unless the publicity they request exceeds the ten poster limit for that specific week. The number of extra, paid for posters will be limited to five per week.

Any form of publicity request must be turned into the Office of Student Activities at least three business days before the date it is asked to be hung or displayed. Failure to adhere to the three business day rule will result in publicity not being hung on time, and an application of the fees mentioned above, regardless of who requested the publicity.