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Everyone is familiar with a passport—that wonderful document that permits you to travel to new and exciting places beyond the country you call home. As you travel, it records where you’ve been as a reminder of how seasoned a traveler you are. Life as an adult is another, and in some ways, similar journey. In college, students learn skills, acquire capabilities, and experience situations that equip them for the decades ahead. Elizabethtown College’s Career Services and Chaplain’s offices help our students to grow with the “Passport for Purposeful Life Work.” Over four years, students answer questions and record experiences in the passport that help them make choices, reflect about who they are, and record transformative experiences. Questions range from the practical to the philosophical: Which major should I choose? What really matters to me? Have I found a significant mentor? Who am I? What internships have I completed? How does my personality work in a team? Why do I serve? Each page provides helpful advice on careers or meaningful self-reflection.

After completing each page, the student get a “passport stamp.” “Purposeful Life Work” is a carefully chosen goal for our students

Purpose, because work, no matter how well paid, is not satisfying unless we believe that we are connected to a larger purpose than simply ourselves.
Life, because we want to prepare students, not just for their first job, but also for their last job, and everything in between.
Work, because we want our graduates to use their talents, support themselves and their families, and contribute to a more prosperous society.

Purposeful. Life. Work. A worthy goal for all of us, whether an eager college student or a seasoned veteran in meeting life’s challenges. For more information, check out: https://www.etown.edu/offices/chaplain/purposeful-life-work/index.aspx

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