Graduations are usually thought of as an ending
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New Beginnings

Graduations are usually thought of as endings: an ending to four wonderful years of college, saying goodbye to beloved faculty advisors and best friends, and bidding a fond farewell to a beautiful campus that will never again be experienced quite as it was as a student. Why then do we call the ceremonies “commencements”? To commence is to begin. In fact, graduations are both goodbyes to the past and beginnings of a new journey.  As I said goodbye to our students this past weekend, I know that they have come from many places and are headed to great things in the future. Two of my former students, Kass and Sherin, came from Mexico and Egypt. Brendan and Phil came from places close to E-town. They have all learned a great deal and are ready to move on. The students shared with me a wide range of exciting plans: Sammi has the perfect first job in her field, Nick is ready to help create a start-up company, while Tiana is going to law school, and John to graduate school. Over and over again, they and their proud parents told me how grateful they were for faculty who were both inspiring teachers and caring mentors and for the entire campus community who made the College not only home but also a great place to begin the next stage of life’s journey.


Enjoy the Moment,

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