Student workers will look back and recall how campus work experiences shaped their future success.
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My first real job, at 13, was working at a fruit and vegetable store. With six children in our family, the extra money was much appreciated. During my years in junior high, high school and college, I painted houses, managed a stockroom, ripped copy from teletype machines in the early morning hours, and worked at many other jobs. My education shaped my mind and beliefs; work helped shape my character. As my father told me more than once, “Make sure you learn something from every job you ever do.” I’m reminded of this advice when I talk to our students, half of whom work for the College to help cover the cost of their education. Our alumni often reminisce with me about their time at the College. They tell me how much they learned from their favorite professors. And they share how much their work experience on campus—whether for facilities, dining services, financial aid, admissions, or any number of College offices--taught them valuable life lessons in responsibility, time management and team work. We are fortunate that that that tradition continues today. Our student workers will also be able to look back and recall how both classroom and campus work experiences shaped their future success and character.

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Carl J. Strikwerda,

Student Alpha Sow, Class of 2018 Information Systems major, working at ITS.
Student Alpha Sow, Class of 2018 Information Systems Major, working for the college.
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