Keeping our eyes open to new things as we go through life’s journey, traveling and learning.
emoment with carl

Dear Elizabethtown College Alumni:
Spring offers exciting opportunities for growth, much like Elizabethtown College does for our students. It’s a perfect time to introduce the E-Moment, a new weekly message with my thoughts about happenings at the College as well as my perspectives on the world around us as a president, scholar, and friend. Please watch for it each Monday. I hope you’ll offer feedback and enjoy reading the E-Moment as much as I will enjoy writing it. I look forward to hearing from you.


In the first eight years of our marriage, my wife and I moved nine times. We moved to do research and to take teaching jobs; eventually our first child came along for the ride. As difficult as the moves were sometimes, the journeys brought us lifelong friends, showed us new parts of our beautiful country, and, most of all, taught us much about the world and ourselves. The great Arab chronicler Ibn Battuta captured my feelings well: “Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”  This transformation happens at Elizabethtown College every year.  Students study abroad, do service work or internships and return eager to share what they have learned.   Their insights are as much about themselves as they are about a new place or experience.  “The real discovery of travel,” wrote Marcel Proust, “is not seeing new things, but having new eyes.”   My hope is that all of us in the Elizabethtown College community will keep our eyes open to new things as we go through life’s journey, traveling and learning. 


Enjoy the moment,

Carl J. Strikwerda

President Strikwerda and his wife Gail over looking Mayan ruins in Belize.

Our travel and learning continued as my wife Gail and I explored Mayan ruins in Belize.

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