Submission Instructions & Forms

Please Note:

There are links to 6 different forms located on this page. Please read the instructions and use the appropriate form for your request.

  • Print Request Form
  • Poster and Signage Form
  • Stationery Order Form
  • White Paper by the Case
  • White Paper by the Ream/Sheet
  • Color Paper by the Ream/Sheet

Incomplete or improperly completed forms will cause a delay in completion of print orders. 

A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox. 


Copy/Print Orders

Submit a Print Request Form (Jayweb log in required) with all print orders and blank envelopes other than stationery.  Please use the “Additional Information” block at the bottom of the form for further description.

  • Please keep in mind one original is one side of one sheet of paper
  • For copies/prints without bleed, please leave a ¼" margin on all sides.
  • For copies/prints with full-bleed please add a ¼” margin of “bleed” ink on all sides.
  • For programs or booklets please submit in print spreads in PDF or booklet format in Microsoft Publisher or book fold in Microsoft Word.   

Unless otherwise discussed prior to job submission, the Staff of Print Services may ONLY - adjust margins, adjust exposure, reduce and enlarge copies and place more than one per page. Print Services staff is not responsible for proof-reading.


  • If a proof copy is needed, please make note on the Print Services Request Form.
  • A proof form will accompany the proof. To release the proof for printing sign the proof form or make changes directly to the document and return everything to Print Services.

File Formats

We have the capabilities to accept a variety of file formats, however, we recommend Adobe PDF format. Using PDF format will insure the integrity of your document and will speed the printing process. We accept files electronically (cd, flash drive, public folder, and email) or hard copy.


Posters and Temporary Campus Signage

Please use this form to order temporary campus event signage and posters. Posters include all sizes from 11 x 17 up to 42". We cannot print posters that measure more than 42" in both directions. As examples: we can print 42" x 60" but we cannot print 43" x 43". For best results, submit files the exact size you would like your signage or posters to be printed. Poster/Signage Form (Jayweb log in required)


Envelope Orders

 Use the Print Request Form to order all envelopes other than #10 Domtar Cougar stationery envelopes. Use the stationery request form (below) for #10 official stationery envelopes.


Stationery Orders 


Before ordering letterhead, #10 stationery envelopes or business cards, please visit the Office of Marketing and Communications website for stationery style guidelines.  Submit your stationery order using this Stationery Request Form (Jayweb log in required)


Paper Orders 

Use this order form for ordering full cases of regular, white, 20-50 lb., copy paper for use in copiers or desktop printers: Paper Order Form - White Paper by the Case (Jayweb log in required)

Use this order form for ordering any white paper by the ream or sheet:  Paper Order Form - White Paper by the Ream or Sheet (Jayweb log in required)

Use this form for ordering all color paper by the ream or sheet:  Paper Order Form - Color Paper by the Ream or Sheet (Jayweb log in required)