HACC DUAL Admissions Program

Students participating in the Dual Admissions Program between Harrisburg Area Community College and Elizabethtown College pursue their bachelor's degree through seamless enrollment from an associate degree program at HACC through upper-division coursework at EC.

How to Apply

Student apply for the Dual Admissions Program through our Admissions Office.

Advising Sheets (aka Check Sheets)

Advising sheets are available online on Harrisburg Area Community Colleges Transfer Agreements website.  Search for Transfer information and Checksheets by selecting Elizabethtown College in the drop-down menu.  Any questions can be directed to your HACC Advisor or Elizabethtown College's Transfer Admissions Counselor by dialing, 717-361-1400.

Course Equivalencies

The Office of Registration and Records has designed a webpage to assist students in their search for course equivalents between  Harrisburg Area Community College's Core Program  and the Elizabethtown College Core Program. Students can search for course equivalence by title or by Elizabethtown College's departmental discipline. If you are unable to locate the course you are taking online, please email regandrec@etown.edu to request assistance.

Course Registration

Prior to open registration, a student is required to consult with their academic advisor at HACC.  Course registration should be coordinated by Elizabethtown College's Transfer Admissions Counselor.

  1. Registration Information will be mailed to you for your review by EC's Transfer Admissions Counselor.
  2. Course Listing by Semester
  3. What courses are part of the Elizabethtown College Core Program?
  4. Textbook Information, Purchasing or Renting Textbooks, and Textbook FAQs

Registration Forms

Semester Calendars and Important Dates

Students enrolled in a course at Elizabethtown College through the Dual Admissions Program are expected to familiarize themselves with Elizabethtown College's academic calendar and important dates associated with course enrollment.  Students enrolled in this program will be governed by the same academic policies and deadlines as enrolled students at Elizabethtown College.   


  • Questions about the DUAL Admissions Program, please contact Admissions.
  • Questions about the status of a Course Registration Request, please email regandrec@etown.edu
  • Questions about the status of a Course Withdrawal Request, please email regandrec@etown.edu