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Elizabethtown College grants four bachelor's degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Social Work.  No more than one bachelor’s degree is ever awarded to an individual by Elizabethtown College; however, students may complete a second major, a minor, or teacher certification subsequent to graduation.

Elizabethtown College grants three graduate degrees: Master of Education, Master of Public Policy, and a Master of Science.

Effective Fall 2016, Degree Planners replace Checksheets.

What is a Degree Planner ? Degree Planners are located in the upper-right corner of each major and minor program in the Online Catalog .

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Undecided? Talk with your academic advisor or a member of the Center for Student Success to assist you in this process. Focusing on Core Program requirements or Signature Learning Experiences will provide a student with an opportunity to explore introductory courses within individual areas of interest. See the online Catalog for more details.

Refer to the online catalog to review all academic policies at Elizabethtown College.