Transfer Credits: AP Credits

AP Equivalency Chart

Elizabethtown College participates in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. In most cases, the College grants advanced placement and/or credit to students who score 4 or better on the CEEB AP examinations. Students should have their scores sent directly to Elizabethtown College (Code 2225) from the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey. To contact them call toll free 1-877-274-6474. Visit our list of AP Credit equivalencies.

Students who have received AP credits at other institutions must submit official AP transcripts for re-evaluation. Students may not receive AP credit for courses taken at Elizabethtown College or elsewhere that are deemed duplicate in content. If any students earn credit in a course deemed equivalent to the AP credits already earned, the AP credits will be deleted from their records.

AP credits are accepted and recorded as transfer credits counting toward the minimum graduation requirement of 125 credits. Letter grades are not assigned or calculated into the cumulative grade point average at Elizabethtown College. In addition, AP credits do not count toward residency requirements.