Transfer Credits: AP, IB and CLEP Credits

There are several ways for regularly admitted students to receive academic credits and/or advance placement by examination:

  1. Advanced Placement Program (AP)
  2. College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  3. International (IB) Credits
  4. Modern Language Incentive Program
  5. Successful achievement on an Elizabethtown College departmental examination, also known as Challenge Testing. Challenge Testing is a comprehensive term encompassing all tests prepared and/or administrated by Elizabethtown College faculty. The types of Challenge Tests are Tests for Academic Credit and Tests for Placement and/or Waiver.

Tests for Academic Credit are Challenge Examinations requested by a regularly admitted Elizabethtown College student in hopes of receiving credit for a particular course in the College Catalog. Requests for Challenge Examinations must be approved by the Chair of the Department in which the course is listed. Practicums, internships, research courses, First-Year Seminar and Intellectual Engagement Experience in the Core Program are excluded from Challenge Examinations.

Tests for Placement and/or Waiver are given for placement in a course sequence such as modern languages and mathematics. Credit is not awarded.All Challenge Testing is graded on a Pass/No Pass basis. A grade of Pass indicates that the credit and/or advanced placement is to be awarded.

Challenge Tests given at the initiative of the College are administered without fee to the student. There is a per-test fee for Challenge Tests given at the request of the student. The fee is for the test itself and is charged regardless of the test results. In addition, 50 percent of the appropriate part-time tuition rate in effect at the time the test is administered is charged for academic credit awarded as a result of performance on Challenge Tests.