Winter Online Learning in the Traditional College

Why Online Learning from Elizabethtown?

At Elizabethtown College, online learning is not merely the delivery of course content through a computer cable. We believe that online courses offer the possibility of a different type of learning, one that can alter the way you think. Our online courses are structured as interactive learning communities that use different tools than might normally be used in a traditional classroom. Using different tools can change the learning experience and change the way you think. 

To determine whether online learning might be a good fit for you, please take time to complete our  Online Course Compatibility Questionnaire . Do this before registering for an online course.

In addition, you should read  How to Prepare for an Online Course before you register for one.

How is EC Online Learning different from taking a correspondence course or doing an independent study?

EC Online Learning is an interactive experience in which students are intellectually engaged with other members of the learning community, including the instructor and the other students. Students learn to express themselves differently than they do in a regular classroom. They exchange ideas and receive ongoing feedback regarding progress. Unlike correspondence and independent study courses, students enrolled in EC Online Learning are not given a packet of course materials and expected to master the materials on their own. One of the qualities of the Elizabethtown educational experience is relationship-centered learning and this value is infused into all of our learning formats. Our online instructors are among the best Elizabethtown College faculty: they are passionate and knowledgeable of their disciplines and have a genuine interest in fostering student success.

What courses will be offered online?

Check out the full schedule of Winter Online courses. Be sure to include a winter course, internship, or research project in your  Etown Learning Plan.

How much time does an online course take?

You should expect to be engaged in course work for at least the same amount of time that you would normally devote to a regular in-class course. In fact, research suggests that many (most?) students end up devoting more time to an online course than they do to a regular course. Further, you need to be able to organize your time so that you complete coursework without the built-in structure that is provided by going to a physical class at a specific time each week. One of the joys of an online course is its flexibility in terms of when and where you complete the work within the overarching course boundaries. But some students may struggle if they do not develop a plan for successful completion. If you find yourself in this position, please talk with your instructor as early as possible.

Questions about online courses?

Send a question about online courses.

When the term begins, you can access your course using Canvas.