Housing Selection

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Housing Applications 

 Housing Selection Information

  • ONLY CURRENT RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS are eligible for housing selection. Commuters, students living off-campus, and incoming transfer students will not be eligible to go through the room selection process.
  • RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS MUST BE REGISTERED AS FULL TIME (12+ credits in progress) by 3PM on Friday, April 28 in order to maintain their selected residence. To avoid any problems with housing selection be certain that your prospective roommates are also registered full-time for fall classes. Residence Life staff will check registration reports after April 30.
  • The FALL HOUSING INTENTION SURVEY must be completed in order to register for a lottery number. The survey will be available February 5 on JayWeb and is used to generate the correct amount of lottery numbers.

Housing Selection Timeline

  • Check back in early January for updated information!


Lottery Numbers

Students select campus housing for the upcoming school year through a housing lottery system. You need a lottery number to select housing.

  • The computer-generated lottery number is based on entrance year and number of credit hours. The more credits you have, the more options you will have available to you within your class cohorts. 

Class Standing

Freshman 0-29.9 Credits
Sophomore 30-59.9 Credits
Junior 60-89.9 Credits
Senior 90+ Credits

Lottery Number Registration

Lottery number registration begins in February.  See timeline above.

ALL accounts with the Business Office must be resolved in order to register for a lottery number through JayWeb.

1. Sign into JayWeb using your log in information.
2. Click the “Student” tab at the top of the screen to see the housing selection page. If the housing
selection page does not show automatically then click on the “Housing Selection” link on the left-hand
navigation pane.
3. You will click to register, then your lottery number and proxy code will appear on the next screen.  You will use this information to select your housing.
4. You will now be able to select a roommate. Enter your roommate’s information when you have it.

Roommate Selection

You must have a lottery number to select your roommate.

1. Select a roommate. You will need your roommate’s lottery number and proxy code and you will need to give your selected roommate(s) your lottery number and proxy code.
2. Log into JayWeb.
3. Click “Select Roommate” and enter your roommate’s lottery number and proxy code.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A ROOMMATE look at the "Available Roommates” list on JayWeb to help find one.

Online Housing Selection

Online Housing Selection will be conducted in 2 rounds this year:

Round 1 - Apartments, Quads, and Featherton Crossing
Round 2 - Traditional, themed, and specialty housing

You must have a lottery number and roommate to select housing.

1. Log into JayWeb during your allotted time slot. You and your roommate will each receive a time slot—register together
during the earlier time.
2. Click “View All Rooms” to see available rooms.
3. Click on the desired room to select it. Once you have selected your room you are finished.


  • Time slots will be posted on the following dates:
    • Round 1 - March 5 after 9:00 AM
    • Round 2 - March 29 after 9:00 AM.
  • You will not be able to select housing until your assigned time. If you miss your exact date and time you can select housing  at any time after your time slot.
  • Every two minutes a new time slot is opened. Make your housing selection as close to your assigned time slot as possible for the most options.

ILU Selection (Apartments, Quads, and Featherton Crossing)

  • Applications to live in an ILU are available according to the above timeline. The application consists of logging into JayWeb and checking the ILU box. You will be notified by if you are accepted.
  • Preference is given to groups of four seniors then three seniors with one junior…etc.
  • All ILUs are considered gender inclusive housing. Students may select any Etown student as their roommate regardless of sex or gender identity. Gender inclusive housing is not intended for romantic couples.
  • All members of the group must be a Junior or Senior by entrance year to the college.
  • The best lottery number represents the entire group. The lottery number being used to select a living space must belong to a residential student who will be a full time student for the entire 2019-20 academic year.
  • Featherton Crossing housing selection
  • Apartment and Quad housing selection

** Frequently Asked Questions **

  • If one or more of your roommates will only be living on campus for one semester (i.e. because of study abroad or graduation), then a replacement must be designated to fill the vacancy for Spring semester. Do this by emailing reslife@etown.edu with the names of the student(s) leaving and the student(s) who will be replacing them.  Should a group not meet this expectation, the College reserves the right to relocate all the members on the application to any residential facility.
  • Groups who lose a member over the summer or during the semester will be required to fill the vacancy. If they do not fill the vacancy the space will be filled without prior consent. If more than one member leaves the unit, the college reserves the right to relocate the remaining members of the group to any residential facility and give the unit to the next group on the waiting list.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Students wishing to live in Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) can select any Etown student as their roommate regardless of sex or gender identity. GIH options are located in the Quads, Apartments, Featherton Crossing, and in Founders. Students will select housing the same as in the past—select your roommate(s) on JayWeb and go through online housing selection. If you apply and are accepted to live in an ILU (apartments or quads) you will follow the “ILU Selection” instructions above. If you would like to live in in Founders, you follow the instructions for “Online Housing Selection” instructions on page 3.  Please note that this option is intended for students who wish to share a room, quad, or apartment with friends of a different sex or gender. Gender inclusive housing is not intended for romantic couples.

Specialty Housing Options

  • All specialty housing applications will be available according to the above timeline on the Residence Life website.
  • Applications are due by by 4:30 on the date they are due.
  • You will be notified if your application is accepted. If you are accepted you will not participate in the online housing selection process. Triple and block housing assignments will be sent by April . Single housing assignments will be sent during the summer months.

Single, Triple, Block Housing, and Premium Double

Single Room:

  • Priority is given to students with medical documentation requiring a single room. Please refer to the Disability Services website for information and documentation procedures.
  • Single room requests without medical documentation will automatically go on a waiting list and be considered by lottery number order.
  • There is an additional charge for a single room and options are limited.  Please have an alternative housing option in case you are not accepted.

Triple Room:

  • Triple rooms are assigned based on the highest lottery number in the group and there are a limited number available.  Please have a back-up plan in case your group is not accepted.
  • Triples are located in Myer, Schlosser, Ober, and Brinser.

Block Housing:

  • Block housing is for groups of 4 or 6 students who wish to select several rooms together. An application must be submitted by each student wishing to live in block housing.
  • Block Housing will be granted based on lottery number and is limited.  Please have alternative housing arrangements in case your group is not accepted.
  • Block housing is located in Founders, Ober, and Royer.

Premium Double Room:

  • Premium double is for students who would like to live as a single in a double room. An additional fee applies for this option.
  • A limited number of premium double rooms are available in Founders, Myer, Royer, Ober, and Schlosser and are granted based on lottery number.

It is important to make a backup housing plan —
All specialty housing options are limited.


Student-Directed Learning Communities (SDLCs 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0)

For Information on SDLC housing selection, please refer to the Residence Life website or contact Kristen Vieldhouse, Assistant Director of Residence Life, at vieldhousek@etown.edu or 361-1197.

Themed Housing

  • Themed housing applications will open on the Residence Life Website.
  • Applications are due by 12:00 PM.
  • You will be notified if your application is accepted.
  • Students assigned to themed housing will participate in online housing selection.
  • For more information, please see the Living Learning Communities website.

Housing Accommodations

Requests for health-related housing modifications are handled through the Office of Disability Services.  For more information please refer to the Housing Accommodations website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do for housing if I am studying abroad in the fall?

  • Students who are studying abroad in the fall semester will not choose housing during housing selection.  Complete the housing intention survey and indicate you will be studying abroad you are finished with housing selection.
  • You will be emailed a spring housing preference survey in early November.  This survey will allow you to request roommates and housing locations. 

Can I save a space in an apartment for a student is studying abroad in the fall?

  • No.  You must have a group of 4 to select an apartment or quad.  

Will I be able to see available rooms before I select housing?

  • No. You will not be able to view available rooms until your selection time.

Can I select a room with my friend who is transferring to Elizabethtown?

  • No. You cannot go through housing selection with someone who is not a current residential student of the college. However, you can give up your lottery selection time and number and be placed in housing during the summer to live with the incoming student. Contact the Office of Residence Life if you would like this option.

Are lottery numbers based on GPA?

  • No. All lottery numbers are based on the number of credits you have earned at the end of the fall semester then randomly assigned within your class. Class is determined by entrance year to the college.

What do I do if I don’t have a roommate?

  • Once lottery registration begins you may find a list of available roommates on JayWeb.

What if I don’t get into the residence hall I want to live in?

  • Select alternate housing, then submit your name to Residence Life to be added to a waiting list for your preferred location.