Ongoing Opportunities

There are ongoing opportunities every semester for students to earn Called to Lead points, in addition to the scheduled events for the semester.  They include:

Mentoring Program (semester-long)

Engage in one-on-one mentoring with a faculty or staff member on a topic of interest to you.  You'll meet 6-8 times during the semester.  You can have a mentor in mind or we can suggest one.  You can have a focus topic in mind or we can work together to define one.  This is a very beneficial program for one-on-one mentoring.  Find out more details here.

Presentation on a book or topic related to Called to Lead 

Develop and refine your presentation skills by reading a book from the Called to Lead library and presenting to your fellow Called to Lead students OR by presenting on a topic related to Called to Lead. 

If you’d like to present on a book, then please stop by the Called to Lead office to peruse the library. You can also find the book list below.  If you have a book in mind that isn't part of the Called to Lead library, then just ask if it qualifies for this program.

If you’d like to present on a topic related to Called to Lead, then please contact Stacey Zimmerman to discuss the presentation.

You will receive 70 points for each presentation you do; you can present up to 3 times.  Students who attend presentations will receive 15 points; there is no limit to the number of presentations you can attend.  You will receive points the first time you attend a presentation on a specific book; if you choose to attend another student's presentation on the same book, you will not receive points for the second time or after.

Book list by title

Book list by topic

Reflection on Real Leadership Experience

Get points for being a leader on campus, in the community, at work, or through your service.  Please submit a 2-page essay to about your leadership experience, including the following:

  1. Describe the basic facts of the leadership situation (who, what, when, where, why, how)?
  2. Now, reflect on the leadership situation from all points of view (yours, as well as all others in the leadership situation).
  3. Think about different definitions of leadership, different theories of leadership, different things great leaders have said about leadership, things you have learned about group dynamics, conflict resolution, economics, politics, etc.  What intellectual, cognitive learning and theories can help explain or give additional insight into your leadership and this situation?
  4. Think about your future leadership.  What might you do differently if this leadership situation occurred again?  What have you learned that might help you be a better leader in new leadership situations in the future?

You will receive 30 points for each essay you submit; you can submit up to 4 essays (different leadership experiences or the same leadership experience over 4 different semesters/years).

Reflection on Servant Leadership Trips

If you have gone on a servant leadership trip, then you can write a reflection on the trip to receive Called to Lead points.  Please submit an essay to on one of the following essay topics:

ESSAY OPTION 1: How did the experiences on this service trip help me to either confirm or rethink my life and career goals?  What impact do I wish to have in the future?  How can I use my academic major to make a difference in society?  How will I know that I’ve had a meaningful or purposeful role in society?  Where do I find peer support and mentors to think boldly and imaginatively about my future?  What counts as success in my community, my country, and my world?

ESSAY OPTION 2: What are the ethical dimensions of the situation as you observed it in the location of your service trip?  What needs to be changed (and who needs to lead that change) to make the situation better?  What different cultural perspectives were at play in this context?  How will you be different as a leader in the future because you have served?  In what ways can those who serve be leaders, and in what ways should those who lead be serving others?  What can one person do in the face of complex and multi-layered societal issues? 

You will receive 70 points for participating in a week-long service trip and writing a four-page essay. You will receive 30 points for participating in a weekend-long service trip and writing a two-page essay.

Reflection on Study Abroad Experience

If you have studied abroad, then you can write a reflection on that experience to receive Called to Lead points.

  1. Describe the basic facts of your study abroad experience (where, when, why).
  2. How did your study abroad experience impact your sense of calling in life?  Did it help you to either confirm or rethink your life goals?
  3. In what ways did you serve as a leader during your time abroad?  What leadership theories or skills did you utilize?
  4. What tough choices did you face during this experience?  How did they impact your sense of calling and/or leadership commitments?
  5. How will your future leadership be different because of this experience?
  6. What was the most significant thing that you learned about yourself?

You will receive 70 points for writing a four-page reflection on a semester-long study abroad experience.  
You will receive 30 points for writing a two-page reflection on a short-term abroad experience.

Scholarship Day

Present during Scholarship & Creative Arts day and receive points.  If you present for Called to Lead (integrating significant scholarly content related to life calling, purposeful life work, ethics, or leadership), then you will receive 70 points.  If you present in your major (poster session, panel/group presentation, or individual presentation), then you will receive 30 points.

Email or stop by the Called to Lead office to pursue this option.

Senior Capstone

For seniors only!

Seniors must complete this capstone assignment (and reach 1,000 total points) to complete the Called to Lead program.  The Called to Lead senior capstone is designed to help you document your learning and also integrate your thoughts on a variety of themes related to Called to Lead and the larger mission of the College.

You will receive 100 points for completing the senior capstone.