About Called To Lead

Called to Lead gives students the opportunity to discover their leadership style on a customized path to purpose.


  • Join at any time by attending an event on our calendar.
  • Attend the events that interest you and fit into your schedule.
  • Take a semester off if you are busy.

No Requirements

  • Make it your own by attending events that interest you.
  • Make it fit into your schedule

Earn Points

  • Earn points for everything you do in the program (events, reflections, mentoring, classes, etc.)
  • Points signify learning.
  • Points lead to awards (at 300 points, you'll earn a fleece jacket; at 600 points, you'll earn a portfolio)


  • If you wish to complete the program, then you'll need to complete the Senior Capstone project and earn 1,000 points.
  • All seniors who complete Called to Lead will be recognized at Commencement.

What Will I Get?

  • Examine yourself - your strengths, leadership style, experiences, and emotional intelligence
  • Learn about leadership - theories, types, practices, and examples
  • Fuse the two to equip yourself to be a successful leader - at Etown and after Etown


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