Meet the Staff

Many faculty, administrators, and staff are valuable partners who make the programs and events of Called to Lead happen.  Called to Lead is directed by Tracy Wenger Sadd and Stacey Zimmerman.

"The Called to Lead program is for any interested student—those who have previous leadership experience as well as students who are emerging leaders. We’re looking for students who want to explore how leadership is each person’s response to his or her unique understanding of what really matters in life and work. We’ve got a great group of students, faculty, and staff, and we hope you’ll join us in Called to Lead." -- Tracy Wenger Sadd

Stacey Zimmerman

stacey zimmerman

Associate Director, Strengths Coaching and Ethical Leadership Development | 717-361-1353

Stacey is a Gallup-certified Strengths coach who believes in the powerful combination of honoring our natural talents while uncovering our unique purpose in life.  As a current strengths coach and leadership educator, and a former human resources professional, she is able to mentor and coach individuals with the goal of living authentic lives.  Her passion for strengths flows into her personal life, and her two sons can recite many of the 34 themes of talent measured by the CliftonStrengths® inventory.  Her purpose includes honoring others while being present in the everyday moments; spending plenty of time at the beach with her husband and sons is also a priority.

Stacey has interests in servant leadership, the five practices of exemplary leadership (The Leadership Challenge), ethical leadership, mentoring, vocation, and strengths psychology.  Assisting individuals in capitalizing on their strengths while nudging them to move outside of their comfort zone is a key focus of hers.  She strives to help individuals understand their purpose in life so that they can lead with an inspired and clarified vision.  Stacey is an Elizabethtown alumnus, holding a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Tracy Wenger Sadd

Tracy Sadd

Executive Director for Purposeful Life Work & Ethical Leadership, Chaplain/Director of Religious Life, and Lecturer in Religious Studies | 717-361-1261

Tracy Wenger Sadd is Executive Director for Purposeful Life Work & Ethical Leadership, Chaplain/Director of Religious Life, and Lecturer in Religious Studies at Elizabethtown College.   An ordained clergywoman in the Church of the Brethren, Sadd holds an M.Div., an M.B.A., and also is a candidate for a doctoral degree in spirituality, leadership, and education. 

Sadd has particular interests in vocation, life calling, leadership and spirituality, ethical leadership, and change management.  She is the co-author of a grant from the Association of American College and Universities that has resulted in a two-year project at the College named “Calling, Career, and Civic Development.”

Sadd teaches academic courses in theology, church in the 21st century, global values, and leadership.  She has published curriculum and prayers, and co-edited the book God and Country:  Diverse Perspectives on Christianity and Patriotism.   Religious Studies Department website

She is conducting research related to pedagogies that promote bridge-building behaviors across religious and cultural boundaries, and her office is participating in President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, which has many goals, including promoting cooperative efforts across religious and non-religious boundaries to solve community problems.