Camp Safety

At Camp ArtWorks, we offer more than just supervision -- we offer safety and peace of mind as your child enjoys a full-engaged theater arts and creative writing experience. Aside from the day-to-day 24 hr. campus security found at Elizabethtown College, Camp ArtWorks houses two dorm parents to provide 'in-house' supervision and security at the dorm itself. Your child will stay in our Founders Residence Hall which requires a keycard to enter the building.

Additionally, a group of our college alums will act as "guides for the ride," escorting campers to each event, making sure everyone knows how to get to meals, and what their next event is. These wonderful grads of E-town will also offer their own afternoon conversation periods with camp attendees, ensuring everyone has both a good time, and a voice in our wonderful experience.

  REGISTER NOW, before spots are gone. This all inclusive camp is sure to be a week your kids will remember!