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The Momentum Society has established a mentoring community for Momentum students in their college experience beyond the academic advising and academic development of the Momentum program. The Momentum Society, consistent with the philosophy of the Momentum program, seeks to educate and advise first generation students. Through the Momentum Society students will make connections with what they are learning in our liberal arts curriculum and relate it to developing a rich vocational vision providing energy, identity, and purpose. The Momentum Society challenges students to ponder the question: “why?” and providing high impact opportunities for them to reflect upon and explore vocational identities. 


The mission of the Momentum Society is to educate Momentum students to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely. The Momentum Society has been created to build on the academic advising components of the Momentum program providing Momentum students with mentoring and experiential learning opportunities helping them explore their vocational identity and purpose. 


The Momentum Society 2017-2018

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