Academic Sessions

The following sessions are available to Momentum students. As you will see, many of these sessions are team-taught and span the disciplines.

Classical Studies: Journey from Mythos to Logos; Your College Odyssey                                             

            Jennifer V. Besse, Adjunct Faculty in Latin, Department of English

 The Classics Summer Reading Discourse

            Paulo Coelho, Inspirations: Selections from Classic Literature. Discussion led by Kinesis          

 Anthropology and Biology                                                                                                                   

            Robert P. Wheelersburg, Associate Professor of Anthropology, International Studies

            Diane M. Bridge, Associate Professor of Biology

  Music and  Mathematics                                                                                                                       

            Sarah E. Daughtrey, Assistant Professor of Music

            James R. Hughes, Professor of Mathematics

 Philosophy and Mock Trial                                                                                                                  

           Michael D. Silberstein, Professor of Philosophy

           Kyle C. Kopko, Assistant Professor of Political Science

History and Political Science                                                                                                                

            Gail M. Bossenga, Assistant to the Chair of the Board, Scholar in Residence

            April C. Kelly-Woessner, Associate Professor of Political Science

Physics and Varieties of Religious Experience                                                                           

          Tomas Estrada, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

          Jeffery D. Long, Associate Professor of Religious Studies          

Psychology and Sociology                                                                                                                   

            Jean Pretz, Associate Professor of Psychology

            Conrad L. Kanagy, Associate Professor of Sociology

Poetry and Prose                                                                                                                                 

            Jesse B. Waters, Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writers House

Cultivating Creative Expression: Exploring Art:                                                                         

            Marianne Calenda, Dean of Students

Our College’s Roots: Anabaptist Groups and The Church of The Brethren                                            

            Jeffrey A. Bach, Director of the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies,

             Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Walking Tour Featuring The History of Elizabethtown College                                                  

            Jean-Paul Benowitz, Director of Momentum; Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Academic and Personal Integrity                                                                                                          

            Thomas R. Winpenny, Professor of History

Inspirational Meditation                                                                                                            

          The Reverend Tracy Wenger Sadd, Chaplain,Religious Life and Department of Religious Studies

Civility in Campus Life                                                                                                             

            Stephanie A. Rankin, Assistant Dean of Students,

            Director of Academic Advising and the Center for Student Success

Academic Advising                                                                                                                              

            Stephanie A. Rankin, Director of Academic Advising

            Jean-Paul Benowitz, Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Achieving Academic Success and Meeting Academic Expectations                                                       

           Sylvester E. Williams, IV; Associate Professor of Business Law

Making the Most of Library Research                                                                                      

            BethAnn Zambella, Director of the Library

            Beth Young, Head of Readers Services

            Lynne C. Davies, Director of Learning Zone and Disability Services

            Tamera L. Longsderff, Assistant Director of Learning Zone and Disability Services

Writing Workshop                                                                                                                               

            Matthew G. Skillen, Assistant Professor of English, Director of English Education

A Liberal Education and Pathways to Success                                                                          

          Michael D. Silberstein, Professor of Philosophy

Socratic Dialogues                                                                                                                               

            Jennifer V. Besse, Adjunct Faculty in Latin, Department of English

Reflective Learning: Making Your Mark on the World                                                              

            Jean-Paul Benowitz, Director of Momentum; Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Strengths Quest                                                                                                                                   

            Stephanie A. Rankin, Director of Academic Advising

Vocational Discernment and Purposeful Life Work                                                                               

              Stacey Zimmerman, Assistant Director of Called to Lead

              Joel C. Janisewski, Assistant Director of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

Diversity Film and Discussion - Japanese Popular Culture Anime

           Mahua Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Japanese

Diversity Film and Discussion  -   Latin Americans

           Guillermo A. Barroso, Momentum Advisor/Mentor

          Carmen Medina, Chief of the Division of Student Services and Migrant Education

          State Department of Education           

Diversity Film and Discussion - African Americans

         Sylvester E. Williams, IV; Associate Professor of Business Law  


            Mark A. Clapper Class of 1996, Director of Alumni Relations