Faculty and Staff Supporters

Get to know the faculty and staff who support the Undergraduate Fellows in Ethical Leadership:

Jean-Paul Benowitz, Director of Student Transition Programs and Prestigious Scholarships & Fellowships

Jean-Paul"I am an historian whose teaching, research, and scholarship focuses on American political history with an emphasis on the impact of the historic peace churches on presidential elections and administrations.  My work also includes U. S. diplomatic policy and international relations regarding peace and religious conscientious objection to war and violence.  In 1987 I was awarded a Peace Prize by the Fellowship of Reconciliation.  I currently teach a first year seminar on American history and culture with a social justice focus called “Discovery: America Now.” In my work with teaching and advising students and directing the Momentum program there is a clear commitment to the mission and values of Elizabethtown College consistent with its heritage of nonviolence, peace, and social justice."

Cristina Ciocirlan, Associate Professor of Business


"Growing up in Romania, I saw firsthand the destruction that the communist regime did to the intellectual soul, the entrepreneurial spirit and the fundamental rights of the Romanian citizens. My generation fought hard to achieve an equal, just and humane society. This fight taught me that equality, justice and respecting human rights should not be taken for granted. We had to earn them.

Later on, while completing my Master’s studies at The Central European University in Budapest, I had friends from former Yugoslavia who had witnessed the horrific destruction of the ethnic war. My friends taught me that a peaceful society was something they themselves had to fight for and something I used to take for granted in my own country. Not anymore. To me, leadership for peace, justice and respecting human rights is essential and organic, because I saw what a society is without them."

Mark Clapper, Executive Director of College Engagement OopportunitiesMark Clapper

"I am a 1996 graduate of Elizabethtown and currently serve the College as its Director of Alumni Relations.  In addition to studying English and history at E-town, I have earned a master of arts degree in leadership from Duquesne University.  While interested in mentoring, advising and supporting students in a variety of topics, I have recently been provided with opportunities to focus on the subjects of self-confidence, presentation skills, leadership-related matters and approaches, and moral/ethical decision making."

Kurt DeGoede, Professor of Engineering & Physics

Kurt DeGoede

"As an engineer, I am most energized through the process of solving problems.  Developing solutions that make a real difference in individual lives motivates my work: from energy solutions in developing countries, to clinical motor control rehabilitation tools, to more effective learning models. I trust that my work side by side with students inspires them to continue to focus their professional work and personal lives toward utilizing their talents and abilities to serve the needs of others."


Joel Janisewski, Director of Purposeful Life Pathways and Civic Participation

Joel Janisewski

"I am the Assistant Director of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships.  I have also worked with the Called to Lead program.  Before my time at Elizabethtown College I worked in community organizing in Central Illinois, and my academic background is in social ethics.  I am excited to work with students who are interested in getting involved in leading for justice and peace both on-campus and in the wider community.  Some of the most effective leaders in justice and peace-making have come directly from college campuses, and it is exciting that Elizabethtown College is a place where you can get engaged in this kind of leadership today."

Michele Kozimor-King, Associate Professor of Sociology

Koz"I am a steadfast supporter of servant leadership.  I believe that I live my life, both academically and professionally, as a servant leader on this campus.  Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership International Conference with two students and the assistant director of Called to Lead.  At the conference, I was further encouraged by Howard Behar to “put people first.” As an associate professor of Sociology and a First-Year Faculty of Simple Living, I can often be found putting students first.  I care deeply about the personal and professional development of students and am passionate about the role of mentorship.  Professionally, I utilize numerous forms of teaching pedagogy to illustrate how servant leadership can be practiced in the real world.  I hope to contribute to the creation of a network of individuals  who seek to educate, inspire, and support the practice of servant leadership at Elizabethtown."

Jonathan RudyPeacemaker-in-ResidenceJon Rudy

"I have more than twenty five years of learning from my mistakes in more than 30 countries in Asia and Africa, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. I am inspired by courage and grace in the midst of conflict and have been privileged to work with some real heroes and heroines of peace.  Key lines of inquiry in my peacebuilding work at this moment are; 1) the role of imagination in nonviolent approaches to conflict transformation; 2) interconnection between individuals and the environment; 3) subtle energies and mystery in the change process; 4) detachment, observation and non-judgment in creating dialogue space."

Tracy Wenger Sadd, Executive Director for Purposeful Life Work and Ethical Leadership, Chaplain/Director of Religious Life

Tracy Sadd

"I am passionate about leadership for a better world that solves real problems in sustainable ways in a global, interconnected, and diverse world.  Currently, I am conducting research related to pedagogies that promote bridge-building behaviors across religious and cultural boundaries, and the Office of Religious Life is coordinating our College’s participation in President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, which has many goals, including promoting cooperative efforts across religious and non-religious boundaries through service to solve community problems.  I also have worked with the student group SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) to form a partnership between Elizabethtown College and the Yunus Centre (Bangladesh) for micro-lending, social business, and social entrepreneurship.  Students in one of my courses are writing mock-grant proposals for a social entrepreneurship project."

Amy Shorner-Johnson, Assistant Chaplain Amy

"I am the Assistant Chaplain at Elizabethtown College and I am interested in justice and peace because of the pockets of peace and justice I have found in surprising places.  I am drawn to the complexity and simplicity needed to achieve both, mirroring many events in the human experience.  My believing life is a gift drives me to seek ways to empower, sustain and seek reconciliation alongside those who have suffered unrest, injustice, pain or suffering."

Kristi Syrdahl, Director of International Students and Scholars


"My personal and professional worldviews have been shaped by cross-cultural explorations, language learning, sojourns around the world, and the conviction that ‘travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness’ (Mark Twain).  It is through international education that I have become an International Educator.  International Educators are leaders who are passionate about justice and peace and believe these can be achieved through international education, global mobility, international public policy advocacy and comprehensive internationalization.  International education has the power to transform lives, bring about peace and reconciliation, and contribute to a more just world."

Suzanne Webster, Associate Professor of English
Suzanne Webster

“I am most concerned with issues of justice that relate to environmental matters, especially the conservation of the Earth's resources and the preservation of non-human entities (e.g., air and water quality, wilderness, and animals and plants).  I support organizations like Earthjustice and the Natural Resources Defence Council that fight to eliminate such things as the dumping of toxins into the air, land, and water---toxins which effect the welfare of elements upon which all life-forms depend.  I also support groups, like the Center for Biological Diversity, which educate on and lobby about human population control and the effect that human overpopulation has upon other life-forms' habitats and existence.  I am a founding member of the Elizabethtown College Environmental Group (ECEG) and strive to educate and support students about environmental concerns.”

Jodi Yorty, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

Jodi Yorty"I am a cell and molecular biologist who spends her days focusing on facts, experimental design and data analysis. Yet, I find that the human race is exemplified by compassion for others. I would define myself as a servant leader because I am by nature a person who is compassionate and seeks to alleviate the suffering of others. I am actively involved in several leadership roles that focus on improving the well-being of others.  Servant leaders demonstrate to others the many ways in which human beings can help one another, and provide guidance for those seeking to develop these skills."

Stacey Zimmerman, Associate Director, Strengths Coaching & Ethical Leadership Development

Stacey Zimmerman

"A priority of mine is helping others achieve their full potential through self-discovery, learning, development, experience, and reflection.  Over the years, I have found that the most effective way to impact and partner with others is by putting them first.  Humility, compassion, and concern for what others are going through translate into their trust, confidence, and reliance.  For me to achieve my purpose of helping others succeed, I must put others first.  It is my natural way of approaching life, and I derive significant fulfillment from seeing others grow and develop in ways that are meaningful to them."

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