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We provide assistance to students and alumni in many ways. This includes career exploration for current students and job transitioning for alumni. We also work with employers on recruiting efforts for jobs and internships. We are dedicated to enriching the experience at Elizabethtown College.

Contact Information: | 717-361-1206

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, additional hours by appointment.

Please contact us to discuss any questions, post a job/internship opportunity or to arrange an appointment with a career counselor.  Our services are available to all Elizabethtown College students and alumni.


Featured Success Story

Summer Musser

Summer Musser '17

History Major, Anthropology Minor, Intern at York County Heritage Trust

"When I began looking at internships, I need an updated resume and a cover letter, which Career Services was more than helpful in getting me up and running. From there Tina Mackenzie was able to help me through The Wings of Success Internship Program that helped me to fulfill one of my SLE."

How did you hear about your position?

"I originally learned about the various internship opportunities at the Historical Society from my neighbor who had worked there for nearly 30 years. While talking with him, I learned that there were many different areas to internship at whether it was in the archives or the ceramics room. I also learned quite a bit about their daily operations from their website that outlined the duties that each position required. From there I emailed the Curator Director and after a few weeks, I began work."

What advice would you give to other students?

"It is best to start looking for an internship early; before you even think, you need one. When it comes down to the wire, the window for the right internship becomes narrower and narrower. It is good to have a variety to choose form and have the time to investigate each one of them thoroughly as to which one would be the best for you. Do not always take the first one you get just because you think that is going to be the only one you get"

Featured Success Story

Nathaniel Liebsch

Nate Liebsch '17

Mathematical Business Major, Cognitive Science Minor, Marketing Intern at Motivational Marketing

"I spent a lot of time in Career Services during my junior year. In the fall I went in for help on my resume, and would continue to change and work on my resume through the spring semester. While looking for internships on my own in the fall, I realized I should work on interview skills and so I also went to Career Services for this. I would go through sheets of possible questions, reviewing them with a Career Services team member and even did a mock interview. I had several interviews and felt very comfortable during them as a result. One company even complimented my strong communication and interview skills, which I attributed to the help I received from Career Services. I also received help in finding internships and opportunities, largely thanks to Tina MacKenzie who would inform me of networking events or companies that were looking for interns."

How did you hear about your position?

"I began looking for internships early on in my junior year, and looked in a broad range in the business world. Towards the end of the school year there were a few possible internships I could take part in, and while working with Tina MacKenzie and the Career Services team, they advised that I branch out and focus on networking. So I spoke with my parents regarding the matter and they got me in touch with someone they used to work with, who would be my principal for the internship."

What advice would you give to other students?

"My biggest point of advice is for students to start the search early. I learned along the way how to improve my resume or interview skills which I think paid off in the end. Don’t be afraid to go in for help as well. I consider myself an independent student, but I am very happy that I decided to go into Career Services for help in these areas, otherwise I would’ve struggled to find an internship. Also network as much as you can, the more people you meet and connect with, the more opportunities that may present themselves."

Featured Success Story

Adam Strayton

Adam Strayton '18

Industrial Engineering Management Major, Process Engineering Intern at Senseonics Inc.

"Career Services has proven to be a valuable resource in my internship search. In addition to helping me create and revise my resume and cover letter, Career Services also helped me gain a better understanding of various interviewing and networking skills. During my freshman year, Tina MacKenzie spent several days with my Engineering I class and provided an overview of the internship process. The job fairs that were sponsored by Career Services also provided me with many opportunities to network with employers and discover new internship positions."

How did you hear about your position?

"In the spring semester of my freshman year I started applying to various summer engineering internships. Some tools that I used to assist me with my search were Jobs 4 Jays and I found a process engineering internship on that showed strong potential and was near my hometown. While many internships indicated that the companies preferred rising Juniors or Seniors, some companies would still consider a younger applicant for their positions. I submitted my resume and cover letter to the company which resulted in a series of personal interviews with each member of the operations team at Senseonics Inc. I received an internship offer and have been working full time over the past two summers and winters as a paid process engineering intern."

What advice would you give to other students?

"Internships are an excellent way to gain experience as well as gaining insight as to whether that career or industry is something you will enjoy. I would recommend applying for internships starting as soon as the end of your freshman year because the earlier you start the more experience and knowledge you will have gained by the end of your college career. Try to develop a well structured resume/cover letter and utilize mock interviews and real interviews as much as possible. Emphasizing skills related to your field of study is always beneficial but demonstrating your willingness to learn and work hard should always be a top priority when trying to land an internship. Remember to always send thank-you notes to those who took the time to interview you or discuss job openings with you. Being conscientious could give you a strong advantage at a competitive internship opportunity. Finally, make sure to use our outstanding Career Services department as they can help you each step of the way!"

Featured Success Story

Kelly Bergh

Kelly Bergh '17

English-Professional Writing Major, Minors in communications and psychology, Editorial Intern at Main Line Today Magazine

"I was directed to Career Services when I learned that I did not need an internship and did not have credits to spare to hold one just for fun. I very much wanted a professional summer internship just for the experience, so my academic department suggested I work with the Wings of Success program so that I did not have to pay for credits I did not need and could still get an extra SLE credit. As a result, I was able to connect my internship with Career Services so that I could hold an editorial position just for the summer and have my school well represented to the publisher."

How did you hear about your position?

"I learned about my position through personal online research. I considered working at publications with a great reputation in my area and looked on their websites for internship programs that would allow me to write and edit substantially over the summer and further my entry into my field. Ultimately, Main Line Today was the most communicative and gave me the best internship offer."

What advice would you give to other students?

"You have so many options. No one is going to be as helpful in arranging an internship for you as you are. Stay organized, communicative, and observant so that when someone tells you “no,” you can stand out by coming up with alternative routes that work in everyone’s favor. Do research constantly—you’ll be setting yourself up well."

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